Field limit for Great Britain?

The gambling industry in the United Kingdom was head at this message. In the conventional there is the fix odds bed terminals already. These ensure that players can only place a particular use, namely two pounds per round. The British Parliament now proposes to assert this scheme for online casinos. Undoubtedly this is in favor of player protection, but what is the general public about this project?

More player protection is required

Not only the application limit is a topic, overall, in the United Kingdom, it is mostly agreed that more for player protection needs to be done. The Parliament members states that the laws entered in 2005 are partially overtaken and require revision.

Accordingly, there is talk of different demands that go beyond the application limit. For example, the VIP actions are to be controlled to throttle the game frequency. Doubtful offers in online casinos are very tempting, after all, you have the goal of animating the members to play.

Another point refers to the credit card payments, these are to be prohibited in the online casino. This should prevent the player from covering their cards and instead keep an eye on their budget. Also considerations for the loading limit are accompanied by, because as in the conventional casinos, rounds of more than two euro use should be banned.

Land-based casinos as a model

The British Parliament is aimed at its demands on online casinos and has the land-based game banks in view of the player's protection also gaining importance. It is also no secret that players through the online casinos meanwhile have a much easier access to the online gambling. Player protection is often too short here, which is why the government calls for finally to better control the market and establish uniform limits and restrictions.

A double-edged sword

The gambling is always to look at two pages: On the one hand, player protection is an important topic, on the other hand, gambling games for each state are a welcome source of revenue. Also in the United Kingdom, the business is booming with the online casinos, which is why it is certainly not easy to realize demands. It is likely that you also keep the state treasury in view.

So which use limits and new regulations are really come into force, still remains to be seen. Basically, the player protection is a topic that is often too short in the online gambling world. We therefore recommend every player to pay attention to their own budget. Put your weekly or daily credit and stick to it. If you do not trust yourself, you can in the modern Online Casino Also, determine fixed settings regarding time and inserts you can not exceed.

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