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poker Belongs to the most popular online map games of the world & to the absolute classics among the casino games. This famous card game was played in its original form in the early 19th century. Online poker has become very popular and can now be played in countless online casinos.

Many casinos that make poker online are listed in our overview. If you have not yet familiarized with poker hands & different rules or strategies? Have we put together a practical overview of popular poker hands.

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Poker Game Rules & Online Strategies

Poker rules In general, it is not difficult to understand exactly as Blackjack. Depending on which version you choose, these can vary. For this reason, you should always pay close attention for which version you decide to make it, so it does not come to misunderstandings.

How does poker work? The basic rules are often very similar, but can differ greatly from each other. In most game variants, the two players must place their bets on the left of the dealer before the game starts. These are fixed amounts that are usually small-blind & big blind cards. For some versions, however, so-called antes must be set.

The amount that must be set per small Blind & Big Blind is usually ever higher, the further the game progresses. In addition, the blinds move further to the left in each other round, so sooner or later this specified use must pay.

Once the blinds have been set, players get their cards. Most versions are 2 playing cards, but in some cases but also 3, 4 or 5. Afterwards, all players in turn have the opportunity to place their assignments or suspend the round. The various options are:

  • Bet: put a mission.
  • Call: The poker player has placed a bet, you can place the same bet. This is called call.
  • Check: If you have already placed the current use & it has not been increased by anyone, you can "check", ie continue without increasing the use.
  • Raise: With Raise you can increase the current use.
  • Fold: With Fold, you leave your cards and leaves the current game round.
  • All-in: If a player sets its entire chips, this is called all-in.

The most important aspect is therefore to weigh the opportunities that they have a better hand than their players.

As soon as the first wet round is over, the so-called flop is placed on the table. These are three community cards that can be used by all players. In the following round, the flop adds another card called Turn. As soon as the lap is over, the so-called river is the last community card.

With the help of your Game Hand & the community cards you have the opportunity to form a poker sheet. This means that you can combine your game hand with the community cards. For example, you hold a king & another king appears in the flop, turn or river, you automatically have pair. Of course, you must always note that the community cards are available to all other players.

All poker leaves at a glance

How does poker go? Bbean you start playing, you should first learn the rules. As with all other card games various combinations are possible. It is important to know which combinations are available, but also where you are in poker hand ranking. To make it easier for you to keep track, we have summarized all poker blades in ascending order for you.

  • High Card: If no combination is formed, the so-called highest value wins.
  • A few (pair): two cards with the same value.
  • Two pairs (Two Pair): a combination of two pairs.
  • Drilling (Three of a child): Three cards with the same value.
  • Street (Straight): five consecutive cards, the height of the card values does not matter here.
  • Flush: Five cards of the same color (PIK, check, heart or cross). The card values do not play a role here & do not have to give order.
  • FULL HOUSE: Combination of a pair and a drilling.
  • Vierling (Four of a child): four cards (same value).
  • Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards with the same color.
  • Royal Flush: Ten, Bube, Lady, King and Ass of the same color.

The most famous poker hands

How do you play poker? Since the invention have been New Variations develops that influence the rules and the game. The most famous & most popular of them are divided into three different categories: Draw, Hold'em and Stud. Here you will learn everything to what extent the different hands are different and played.


Hold'em games include poker variants where they get hidden cards that can only see them. The number of hands that each player receives can vary. Depending on which version of Holdem it is. In addition to the Hole Cards there are community cards, whereby the number can vary here. In most variations of the Hold'em there is a total of five community cards. Among the different versions of the Hold'em belong among other things:

  • Texas Hold'em: This is probably the most famous version of the Hold'em and is played with two hidden cards and five community cards, which you can make as a player your poker blade.
  • Omaha Hold'em: In this variant, each player receives four hands, but of which only two can be used to make a good sheet. Again, there are five community cards, of which you can only use three as a player. The poker hands must be formed from two cards and three community cards. A special feature of Omaha Hold'em is the High / Low Split, which is not always used, but quite frequently used. The profits between the players the best and the worst combination split.
  • Casino Hold'em: At Casino Hold'em, which is very widespread in online casinos, is a variation of the Texas Hold'em, where you play as a player against the bank and not against other players.


At the stud, players receive a mixture of hidden & open hob cards. The number of hands depends on the respective variant. In contrast to the Hold'em there is no community cards at the stud. Among the most famous & most popular versions of the stud include:

  • Seven Card Stud: At the beginning, each player receives three cards, two of which covert & is open. Then there are several setpoints after which the player receives another open card until he has six Hole Cards. Then every player receives a hidden card, whereupon the last setting round begins. Finally, all poker blades in the showdown are compared to determine the winner.
  • Razz: Razz is one of the unusual poker variants, because here the lowest hand wins. The ace counts the raid as the lowest value and there is no straight or royal flush. With regard to the gameplay, Razz works exactly like Seven Card Stud.
  • Caribbean Stud: Caribbean Stud, TROPICAL or OASIS STUD, is very popular with players. In this variant, like the Casino Hold'em is not played against other players, but against the bank. Both the player as the dealer are divided 5 cards, with a card of the dealer being revealed. If the player decides to say, the decalters of the dealer are revealed. If the Pokerhände The dealer is lower than an ace and a king, all players receive the double ante paid. But is the hand higher than ass and king, it will be compared to those of the player to determine the winner.

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Online Poker Tips and Tricks

As a beginner, it can be hard to find a good start at the poker. Often you are not sure when and whether you should play a hand, where you must pay attention to or which actions are too risky. To help you a little bit of the jumps, we have summarized some basic tips for beginners.

Do not be afraid of taking a few risks
If you want to win, you have to take a risk from time to time. Of course, that does not mean that you should go all-in every hand. But if you have received a good start hand, you should definitely try to exploit this. Trust is taking you when another player increases the use. You already have a good combination with the flop or the river? Then you should not shone back to increase the use from time to time, because only so you can ultimately get a chance of good profits.

Have patience and wait for a good hand
At each hand, to gamble and to gamble that with the next community card still receives the right winning combination, is very exciting, but ultimately not really lucrative. If you get a bad or mediocre starting hand it is better to get out of the game round. If you are constantly standing, just to see if the flop, river or turn is still the crucial card, you will only waste unnecessarily chips. Be patient and wait for a good hand with which you have a realistic chance for a profit. Just like roulette It can sometimes take a long time until your strategy is successful.

Take time to learn learning and experience
Although playing at a certain extent, poker games are often strongly dependent on the experience of the players. The more you play, the better you will be able to assess which hand is worth what use is justified and when you should get off. If you want to avoid bigger beginner losses, you also have the opportunity to try poker for free to collect more experience in safe way (ie in free version). On our side you will find numerous Online Casinoswhere you can try poker without risk to improve your skills.