PAY N Play: The new racer

The gambling develops steadily. The customers become more demanding, the games innovative. But even in relation to the overall package, expectation is increasing: casinos should not only be sure, but enable fast transactions so that we can start playing directly with the play.

On some time, in most casinos, one paid mainly with PayPal, the Paysafecard or the credit card, it is also possible to show change here: Trustly appeared on the scene, and now PAY N Play. We once looked at what this payment method makes so special.

How works Pay N Play

Usually, in the online casino A verification process can be undergoing if payouts are caused. This verification can sometimes take some days what some players annoys. In addition, when logging in and verification, some personal documents must be submitted, which means further effort for the player.

The developers of PAY N Play know about this problem and the cumbersome. At PAY N Play, it is now much faster, the real-time deposit is done in the online casino immediately. Registration of the player takes place in the background. Deposits and withdrawals are made directly without great access to the players.

In the online casinos you will find two different versions of PAY N Play. In the first variant, there is no function that allows you to continue playing: Did you closed the page of a casino, you have to log in again. Even with disbursements, another login is required.

The second version is even more complicated for the player: here the balance remains, so you can continue there the next visit where you stopped. Pay N Play is on top of that, whether variant one or two.

Is Pay N Play the future?

In Australia, PayPal is the most popular payment method in the online casino. More and more casinos remove the provider but from their side, as it seems a little more complicated with the general terms and conditions of the service. That's why players are looking for alternatives. In addition, PAY N Play is incomparably easy to use and takes over the most important work for the players. You do not have to do anything as to pay your money and play in an online casino of your choice.

Another is that both Trustly and PAY N Play are absolutely safe. This is all in all a serious and quick solution for uncomplicated transactions. Surely other payment methods will continue to be used in the online casino, but PAY N Play is expected to continue to establish itself. In any case, we hope that we will find this means of payment more frequently in the future.

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