online roulette

Play online roulette & win! This classic is today in as good as everyone Online Casino to find. The gambling is extremely popular with players around the world. The opportunity to play it from home or on the way makes it even more attractive. There are a wide variety of variants of online roulette. The most famous are probably American roulette and the European counterpart. Live roulette in a wide variety of variations is always greater popularity.

In our instructions, we explain the various online variants as well as some roulette rules that you should know. All games can be found in various casinos that we imagine on our site. If you know our guide, you are guaranteed other players ahead!

So online roulette is played

The rules of the online roulette are basically the same as those of the classic gambling, which you find in the games around the globe. An advantage is that casinos can be accessed from anywhere. The times when you have to make you chest for a round roulette, so are long ago. There are ruled roulette casinos that focused on this table game with your online offer. Even bonus offers that are laid out on table games, you will find it again and again.

Which bets are possible?

Before you go, you place your use on the field. You can put on multiple numbers or decide for individual numbers. Also on straight / odd or red / black can be set of course. Transverse pure and setting to 12 numbers are also possible.

What is the payout?

Each bet is also associated with different payout quotas. For example, if you set an odd number, the payout will be lower than if you bet a very specific individual number. It is recommended in any case to get to know the different quotas in advance. Also like to try different bets to get a better feeling for it.

Online roulette variants

While in European casinos, mainly the European variant and American casinos will find the American roulette version, it is easy to access a variety of casino games online. You decide with just a mouse click, which roulette variant you play. With the collection of the live casinos, it is no longer a problem to interact with real players and real croupiers in real time. At the online game, therefore, no wishes remain to be desired.

American & European Roulette Online

If you want to play roulette online, you usually encounter these two variants. That's why we present them briefly. The construction looks very similar at first. You have red and black fields and the ball ends every round on a field in the roulette wheel.

The most important difference is probably that you have the so-called Doppelnull at the American roulette. This plays with 38 instead of 37 numbers. The second zero is a neutral number. The house advantage rises with this double neutral field, so that the casino has a slightly greater chance of winning than in the European variant.

Another difference is the La Partage or de Prison rule. In the European variant you usually have the opportunity to get your use back through a special bet. In the American Roulette, however, your deployment is probably lost if you are lying with your bet next to it.

Live Roulette

Live casinos are becoming increasingly popular, Even this casino game does not spar on it. You can find countless variants of this classic online. We can only recommend you to try the online version of this table game. There is no better way to have an authentic gaming experience. The game runs over a live stream and you interact in real time with the dealer and the players.

Online Roulette Bonus

Play online online Roulette

In most roulette casinos you have the opportunity to test the game offer for free. There is a demo version of the games. You can also access the table games. Especially for beginners, it is therefore advisable to test the game without risk. In the game mode you do not make real profits, but there are no real losses.

Correct Money Management

Each gambling applies that you should know your personal limit. Table games are extremely exciting. It is fast in a noise state and before you realize it, you lost your whole money and sits with blank hands in front of your laptop or mobile device.

Money Management is therefore an important factor in playing in online casinos, even roulette is not exempt from it. Sit a specific limit and end your game when your money is used up. Do not let you lead too much from your emotions, because you risk more money than you should quickly risk.

Online roulette rules

Here you will find our instructions for online roulette. We have collected helpful tips and roulette rules for you, our instructions are suitable for beginners and professionals.

In our guidance we explain the different variants as well as some roulette rules you should know. All games can be found in various casinos that we imagine on our site. If you know our guide, you are guaranteed other players ahead!

Simple roulette rules at a glance

If you are looking for online roulette As well as offline interest, there are a few roulette rules that you should know.

  1. Our first tip is to really master the roulette game rules. Only if you know the game well, then you can boost your chances of winning a profit. If you apply the right strategy, it will be guaranteed exciting.
  2. Sit a personal limit. It is important that you keep control of your game. There should be no money you can not lose. If you have reached your limit, finish the game.
  3. Have fun at the game! Try different roulette variants and familiarize yourself. Never forget that the fun is in focus. Only then can you keep a cool head and prevent you from being disappointed at the end.

Procedure and goal

Let's start with the gameplay of online roulette: These casino games are very easy. There is a croupier that opens the lap. All inserts are then made by the participating players. You can set your commitment to any combination or numbers every game.

If all inserts are made, the croupier places the ball in the well-known roulette wheel. This is how the profit numbers decide. All missions that were lost collides the croupier, the profits are of course spent. You have roulette multiple chances to win, because the game goes immediately into the next round.

Payments and set options

You can set to numbers or combinations, but you have to stick to the setting options. If the payment is 1:35, so you know that you get back 35 times your mission. These are then a total of 36 assignments, including your previous ones.

In total there are 37 numbers, which is zero included. You can set an odd number or just a number, even neighboring numbers are possible. You are welcome to put on a color or individual numbers. The bet on transversal pure, 12 numbers or the first five or the first four is also possible. The setting options offer all different payouts.

En prison rule and la partage

The roulette gives the prison rule the opportunity to retrieve his bet. You get him back when the ball ends on the zero. Another condition is that you have bet on a simple chance. This can be, for example, high / low, straight / odd or black / red.

En Prison is a variation of the La Partage regulation. At Partage you have the opportunity to bring you half of the use, the other half ends up at the bank. The alternative is that you place your use quasi "in prison". This is how the insert is blocked and remains on its position. If you win in the next round with the use, you get him back, otherwise he is still lost.

In Europe, you will find the en prison rule. American casinos, on the other hand, are mostly opting for the fact that the use is always lost. This is true even if you play the European variant. In online casinos you can always look in the respective roulette rules, which possibilities you have.

Table limits

In addition to the minimum and maximum set, there are other limits at the online roulette. The minimum and maximum set is important, because so you know if you are at a suitable table. But it is also recommended that you look at all application possibilities before the game. You can also ask the croupier. This is always pleasant in Live Roulette, because so you interact in real time with the dealer. Find out, for example, what the upper limit is black / red for the simple chance. Also look at which lower limit is for individual or double numbers.

How the roulette rules help you win

We have shown you various roulette strategies here and briefly showed you what set options and limits you need to note. You also know the difference between French and American roulette now.

Everything else is up to you: if you master the rules, you are already ahead of many ignorant. You can also try one of the different set systems and find out if you are useful for a specific system.

A few important roulette rules are always valid. So you will be rather the winner in the long term than the loser. Know your limit and never play with money you do not actually. The fun should always be in the foreground. Roulette always remains a gambling. So it can certainly happen that you go home with empty hands. However, it makes sense to know the different payout rates and familiarize yourself with the house advantage of the respective game. So you remain realistic and do not risk losing too much money. If you are always there with joy, then the fun is nothing in the way. We wish good luck!

Online roulette strategy

Is it really possible to make the game for yourself with very specific strategies for online roulette? Of course, it is not that easy. Online you will find countless instructions, which should definitely make you the winner. But if the game was really that simple and you would always win with a simple roulette strategy, then everyone would do that way, right? In the end, however, it is always a gambling, which you should also perceive as such. Anyone who claims something else is trying to lead you to the nose.

So is there no roulette system that works? But, of course, there are different roulette systems that you try and where you can orient yourself. For example, the Martingale system or the Paroli system is known. The James Bond Roulette Strategy also appears again. Of course, you will recommend that you always carefully with your money and not simply blindly trust that you can surely win on the roulette table. In the end, the fun should always be in focus. Nevertheless, it is also pleased to try different system. Which should you know if you play in real roulette casinos, we'll tell you now below!

Tips & Strategies

You can find different on our page Tips & Tricks For roulette, with which you can improve your game. It is important that you master the rules before you try in gambling. Otherwise you can quickly make losses that are absolutely unnecessary.

There are also various roulette strategies where beginners as well as experienced players are based. For example, some players always set according to a certain sequence of numbers. Other players swear on systems that determine when the insert is increased and decreased. The possibilities are manifold and it's fun to try different ways.

Well-known online roulette strategies

Over time, a wide variety of roulette systems have developed that you like to try again. We have briefly summarized the most famous:

  • Martingale Strategy: This well-known system is the reason that there are table limits. Theoretically, you could blast the bank in the long run. However, since there are limits that make sure that you can not compensate for all losses with a single win, you probably fade it sooner or later with this system.
  • The Aldeled Strategy: This system is very popular. It is a probability calculation. The more often an event does not occur, the higher the probability that it finally occurs. Unfortunately, it turned out that the terms of the relative and absolute probability were not considered here. Basically, however, if you lose with your bet, you will increase the use when you win, you reduce it again.
  • Fibonacci System: This is about a specific number sequence. So follow your missions of a specific series. As soon as you lose the number, you set the next number of the result. When you win, you stay on this number.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

Although James Bond is actually known as Baccarat lover and a fan of other games, but there is still a roulette system that bears his name. Your mission is evaluated in 200 units, and that for each train. You can then increase the units in each case by 200, for example, to 400 or 600.

You must then divide your 200 units to different rows and fields. So you have the opportunity to set different fields. For example, these roulette strategy can also be used in a casino & can benefit from that many possibilities can be covered. In any case, this system is quite risky. Although you have the chance to win a lot of money, as soon as possible you can lose a lot of money.

Fast online roulette

This system is extremely easy & can also bring nice profits. But of course, this strategy is also risky, how could it be different. If you decide for this style of play, you will see the dozens on the field. Then put on the first and third dozens, put 25 units on both variants. When you win, you place the same bet with 11 units. If you win again, you even increase to 17 units. If it runs well, you win so 52 euros. If you want to lose them, then we recommend you to cool down briefly and take a break or at least change the table.

Martingale Roulette Strategie

Of course, the Martingale strategy may not be missing in our listing. Here you put on the simple chances, so about red / black. If you lose with your bet, your mission will be doubled. If you put on simple chances, you blend all other possibilities & have a 50/50 chance to win. Accordingly, you can also win properly high amounts.

Password System

This roulette strategy is quasi the counterpart to the Martingale strategy. Again, you can rely on all numbers and simple chances, but only increase your deployment if you win. With each profit, the use is thus doubled, for example, which should result in that you should be able to compensate for all losses with a pair of gains in a row.

The advantage is clear that you basically start with a fixed use. Accordingly, all losses remain manageable for you. A disadvantage is that you really have to achieve profits to earn a profit at the end.

Roulette strategy without progression

There are countless strategies in which it is about increasing the use systematically. But you decide however for a system without a progressive approach, the application remains the same. Instead, you then focus on the numbers most likely.

For this example, there are basically two options: For example, you can bet numbers that have not occurred over a longer period of time. According to the uniform distribution, also called the law of the big numbers, should pay that have not appeared for a long time, then sometime again.

The second idea is about focusing on the numbers that appeared in the last laps. Here is the law of small numbers, ie the binominal distribution, of importance. It is believed that some numbers can not occur and others can even appear twice or even more often.

The infamous boiler error

We would also like to pretend to this approach, many gamers already believed that they could put other players in the shadows and overlap the casino: Many professional players swear on this roulette trick. However, a boiler error is difficult to recognize. The idea behind it is that every boiler has quite certain features. Therefore, there is no all-round perfect boiler. The wheel can be different or it can be a 100% horizontal design. Sometimes the mistakes are of course so small that you can barely see them. Of course, in the online casino you can not use this strategy for you. Otherwise, you can certainly try to take a real wheel under the magnifying glass. Probably most of the players who swear at the end were lucky enough, but it's worth a trial.

Can a roulette strategy really work?

We have shown you different approaches here: Some are based on the progressive increase in use, others deal with mathematical considerations. In between there are many other strategies that you can find out. You are welcome to try it all and see what you like. But you must never forget that there is no system in the long term, which will definitely lead you to success. Especially in online casinos worked with random number generators, which are strictly monitored, so everything really remains to chance. Of course, however, it does not hurt to try a roulette strategy, because it can do a lot of fun to play and watch for a particular system, whether you have success.

And how can you win the roulette?

We can give you a roulette strategy and a way to apply it. This allows you to play the game better and gain more. You will not lose anything if you do not play first - but of course that would be quite boring and not the meaning of the matter. But as soon as you are always clear that the longest lucky strap is over sometime and still make a clear head, you are already an important step forward.

Be also aware that you will also lose more due to lower missions. If you always keep that in mind, so you can certainly start a bit fearful, to make directly bigger missions. In doing so, you should only conclude bets you can also afford. As soon as the pressure gets too big, the fun moves into the background and from the game will be a burden. So put a personal limit and listen to playing when your money is used up. This applies to both online casinos as well as for real gaming halls. But that does not mean that you can not win in the end, because we have learned: whether with or without roulette strategy, the roulette is really possible!

roulette tricks

Online Roulette is a game with a long tradition. As old as the game itself are the roulette tricks and tips to help us achieve profits. Every game at the roulette table also means a new chance: do you play with a system like the Martingale strategy, you decide for American roulette or the French variant? Are you putting on simple chances, red or black or on a very different roulette strategy?

It quickly becomes clear that the possibilities are limitless. It should always be aware that Roulette ultimately is a gambling. But there are still some roulette tricks that you can use for you. These definitely help you keep your missions in mind and not unnecessarily losing money, because with a few tips, you can at least improve your game and thus reduce the losses.

Are roulette tricks allowed?

Is it okay to look for certain tips and tricks when playing? Definitely! With any of the tips you get here from us, you will have problems in a true casino or in an online casino.

Unfortunately, there have always been players who have served on illegal tricks. Here, for example, they were manipulating the roulette wheel. Sometimes players played together with the croupier. Of course, this is not allowed and was punished accordingly. With the help, with which you can win at the roulette, or at least more likely to win, but you do not need to fear anything. We only want to preserve you before making unnecessary mistakes. So let you like our guide to make you better familiar with the game and always have the view of the roulette.

Games at a table with just a zero

Let's start with a very simple tip, which relates to the different winning probabilities of roulette. The advantage of this tip is clear obvious: Is there only one zero, then the house advantage is 2.7%. If you, on the other hand, have a double OULL, we are already at 5.26%. That's why we recommend that you decide for a variant with just one zero.

Games very relaxed

Also this style of play should always be recalled. At the roulette, it can be quite hot and a bit of thrill makes really fun and belongs to the game, but losing makes it certainly not fun. We therefore recommend that you always get it quiet and keep your money in the eye. Do not set any money you can not lose. Do not just give you your emotions, but always keep a cool head. The tip may seem boring and is not a real roulette system or the like, but he should not remain unmentioned here.

Search for good bonus offers

Many players are still not aware that you can get great bonuses in online casinos, with which you can build your own credit neat. Often there are deposit boni, for example a 100% bonus, which means that you deposit 50 € and then get 50 € extra. Even for free credit you can sometimes get hold of.

So if you decide for online roulette, an important and essential roulette trick is always to start your game with a bonus. It is important only that you know you play with bonus money that you have to implement in the casino. You can not pay you off your money directly. You then risk only bonus money, which you can end up with a little luck but in real money, which then moves to your own account.

Find out which roulette strategy suits you

Again, we recommend that you test the various roulette systems at first without your own risk free of charge in the online casino. Which roulette tricks work best for you, always depends on your own style of play and your character.

Which player type are you? Well-known strategies are, for example, Martingale or Paroli. Both systems are quite easy to understand: Once it's about simple chances and doubling the inserts when you lose. With the other variant, you only increase the use if you win, the system works exactly the other way around. But these are only two of the countless possibilities you can try. An important roulette trick is therefore: Inform yourself about the different game variants that could lead you to success and find out which playing way best suits you.

Play at tables with high limit

If you have already gained a little experience, we give you another roulette tip with the way: try at a table with high limit. Especially when you put on certain strategies, such as Martingale, then a low limit can unfortunately make a stroke through the bill. So decide for a table where you can set 5,000 €, for example, you have a big room.

If this tip is intimidating you, we also put you back to the heart, first to try the free version in online casinos. Then you can check without risk if your strategy goes up.

Which roulette tricks work in 2022?

We have already delivered some good tips for beginners as well as for something more experienced players. Online you will find countless guides that promise you that you are always winner with a specific strategy. Of course, it is not that easy. There is always the risk that in the end, the house wins. Our roulette tricks should still help you to have a better overview. Since the trend now moves in the direction of online casinos, we would like to mention a very important tip again: In the current time, it is definitely useful to play with a bonus in an online casino. Anyone who waives a welcome bonus, especially as a new player, which also renounces a good deal, which can increase the credit enormously.

Can you become a winner with your roulette tricks?

Of course, at the end of the dream is that you will become the lucky winner. Unfortunately, we have to mention again at this point that roulette is a gambling. In the end, it can also happen to the best strategy that the casino wins. You also clearly see that that online casinos will allow these strategies at all. You know that you are still sitting on the longer lever in the end.

But what we can still say is that you can get a better feeling for the game with roulette tricks and know what options you have. Combined with the idea that the roulette game should always remain a hobby, you can, if you keep your budget in the eye and tried the one or the other roulette strategy, but certainly take a nice win home very stress-free.

Online roulette play for free

Let's get to our last point, which probably interested every player burning: In addition to the many benefits that online casinos already offer anyway, we have left an important so far outside. If you play the table game online, you can benefit from various bonus offers. There are deposit bonuses or Bonus without deposit. Also special bonuses that apply only to live casinos can be used for you.

A Bonus casino is always a good choice, because you get a nice extra from the casino. So you can play longer and make real profits while lucky. So never waive it, because who does not like to get something like? On our site you can find out about the bonus offers from different casinos. So you also find a good roulette bonus for you. In addition to the bonus offers, we also inform you about the choice of plays of the platforms, so you know exactly on which pages you Free online roulette can try.