Bavarian: Happy winner receives 300,000 euros

Among the stamplos, the Bayernless is unambiguous a true classic. Can be recovered up to 300,000 euros on a blow. In addition, there is the lot the "second chance", in which three people can try to win on the lucky wheel. The lot also costs only 2 euros and is therefore absolutely affordable, which is why many lottery sands decide for this game.

So the 55-year-old woman as Lower Bavaria, which could now recently secure the great main win. This makes a dream come true that every lottery player knows. The feelings are indescribable, the winner also reports: she could not believe her luck and called again and again "madness". With the children and the husband there is a world tour. The big lottery profit makes it no doubt.

The dream of lotto profit

Many people hope for the big profit every week. Whether at Saturday Lotto or the Bayernless, there are countless lotteries in which Australian players participate. Each player has completely own ideas about what should happen to win. If you ask the players, you get the adventurous answers: some people want to pay themselves to pay their own home, others want to make a long journey, buy a horse or finally own the expensive car, which you have been in the view. Also, the good cause is happy to turn to, which is why some winners also donate to charitable organizations.

Anyway, the winner of the Bavarianlosis seems to know what she wants to do with the money. In addition to the journey is also a savings account in planning. She also reported to her friends from her profit. These now also want the lady to move for you, finally, she was a true happiness. Whether she will win again remains to be seen. In any case, she can already look forward to her own grand gain, which will certainly give her a good time.

Various profits at the Bavarian

Although every participant hopes for the main gain, but there are other ways to become a winner with a ticket. The lot costs only 2 euros and it can be won in the smaller range between 4 and 100 euros. Continue with 1,000 or even 10,000 euros, which are also proud buzzing. Who then luck like the employees from Lower Bavaria, who gains the 300,000 euros.

And that's probably the charm at the lottery: participants hardly have to do something to acquire the ticket. Still, the lots are very cheap. You just have to wait for the draw and hope. If happiness is on your side, maybe a life-changing profit is waiting for you. We are definitely looking forward to the lady from Lower Bavaria and are curious which spectacular lottery profits are still to be expected this year!

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