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If you love the thrill of lottery games, but do not want to wait for weekly drawings and huge happiness, then could live live bingo Just the right choice for you. If you have never tried the game, or even think that it is a rather old-fashioned form of entertainment awaits you a great surprise.

Many game providers have given this classic a completely new and modern appearance and enriches the game with exciting features. So it is now no problem to play Bingo online while experiencing a lot of fun. You have become curious, but are not so sure how the game runs at all? Then you will find any information you need here.

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Online Bingo game rules and the gameplay

How does Bingo go? Understanding the game is not difficult because the game rules as well as the process are generally quite simple. At the beginning of the game you first need your bingo cards. This is a map with different numbers in a grid.

By how many numbers it is and how exactly these are arranged depends on which version of the classic you play. In addition, you can often not only play with a card, but also with multiple games to increase your winning opportunities. As soon as you have worried your cards, the game can start.

In a online casino And in gambling halls, there is usually a so-called conférecier, which leads the game. This usually turns a drum with balls that are provided with numbers, as is the case with a lottery. Subsequently, from this drum, different balls are pulled and the respective numbers are proclaimed. As soon as a number has been drawn you have to look out if this number is on one or more of your cards.

If this is the case, you have to abstract the number on the map. Gradually, more and more numbers are stressed in this way. If you manage on this path to delete a certain number combination on the grid, this is a bingo and you will receive a profit with the bingo profit numbers. Which combinations are counted as a profit depends entirely on the version of the game for which you decide.

Various versions of the bingo

How does Bingo work? In their original form Bingo Games were already played in the 1930s. Since then, however, the game has developed further, so it gives different versions of the classic today. The reason for this is, among other things, that the game has become popular with the time in different countries around the world, in which it was then modified and continued in different ways. After reading this page, you may want to try with Degree money to play.

American version

Since the invention of the game is generally attributed to the American Edwin Lowe, the American version is widely regarded as the original. It should be noted, however, that there are various variations here, whose rules and processes can differ in many ways. In general, however, that the grid in the American version of the game usually has 25 fields where numbers 1 to 75 are used.

In general, the middle field on the grid is here but empty, so total only 24 numbers on the map can be seen. For some versions of the game, you can also see two numbers per field so that the card shows a total of 48 numbers. The most famous and most popular American versions include:

  • U-Pick’em
  • Shotgun
  • Bonanza
  • Quick Shot
  • Death Bingo

British bingo version

The British version of the game differs in various aspects of the American variant. One of the most important differences is that the British version is played with 90 balls and thus with the numbers 1 to 90 instead of 1 to 75.

In addition, the playing card is built here differently. While the American card is usually square and shows a 5 × 5 grid, a 9 × 3 raster is used in the British variant, so that 27 fields can be seen here. In addition, the numbers are not completely arbitrarily distributed here, but structured according to size. Thus, in the first column, the respective numbers are between 1 to 9 or 10, the second 9 to 19 or 11 to 20.

This pattern continues to the last column, which therefore displays the numbers of 80 or 81 to 90. Since each column contains only three fields and thus can only display up to three numbers, each player usually receives 6 cards so that all 90 numbers are distributed on the cards.

In order to determine the profit numbers, the British version does not necessarily always be used a drum, because in some cases, the numbers are also pulled out of a bag. Thanks to today's technology, more and more frequent electronic random generators are used, which determine the profit numbers. This is also a particularly commonly used option when playing online.

If you want to win at the British Bingo, there is not only a possibility. Instead, there are different winning combinations here:

  • Four Corners: All four corners of the grid were painted
  • Line: A horizontal line on the grid
  • Two Lines: Two Series on the same card
  • FULL HOUSE: All numbers on the grid were deleted

30-ball games

30-ball games
In addition to the conventional variants of the game, there is also the somewhat faded 30-ball version. This is usually played on a card with a 3 × 3 raster that corresponds to a smaller version of the American card.

The difference is not only in the number of fields, because in turn to the American version, there is no empty field in the middle of the card in this version. Apart from these differences, the 30-ball version works as well as the other variants. Due to the small map and the smaller amount of numbers, this version is particularly popular with Speed and Turbo Bingo very popular.

80-ball games

When playing with 80 balls, it is a certain way to mix the most common game variants. The playing card has a 4 × 4 grid without free field in the middle, where a total of 16 numbers can be seen. The rules are not always the same for this version, so it can give differences in the accepted profit combinations. Often, however, a mixture of different combinations is used, as is the case with the British version.

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Bingo Tips & Tricks for Beginners

If you have not made any experience with bingo, we have summarized a few helpful tips and tricks for you, which make it easier for you. Since the game is largely based on luck, it is mainly about understanding and assessing the game and its chances. At the same time, we also show you how you can also get good chances of winning with a lower use.

Get several cards

As a beginner, one often tends to be careful to play carefully and only play with a few or even only with a card to reduce its own use. Although general caution is generally wrong, this can lead to you that you reduce your chances for a profit. The fact is that the likelihood with multiple cards a gain is much higher than only with a single card.

That's because you have such a greater selection of different numbers on your cards and the likelihood is higher that you get a card on which a winning combination comes about. For this reason, it is often better if you play less games with multiple cards as many games with just one card.

Decide on a game with automatic abstract

Multiple cards to use increases your winning opportunities, but also ensures that you can lose the overview faster. When a number is called and you do not delete them on one or even multiple cards, this can cost you one or the other profit. In some embodiments of the game, it may even be that a profit is not recognized if you notice only in retrospect that you forgot a number. If you play online but you have a great advantage, because there are a lot of offers for games where the numbers are automatically strapped on all cards.

So you do not miss a profit and can comfortably watch how the rows are filling on your cards. On our side you will find numerous New casinosoffering the lottery classic with an automatic delight function to make it easier for you.
Take Offers to minimize your costs, so you find the Best Casino.

This tip is not only for beginners, but also for long-term players a great way to save commissioning costs and yet give good chances of winning a profit. Meanwhile, there are numerous websites that provide different offers. These include, for example, discounted card packages with which you can secure a certain number of cards for a smaller price.

In this way, you can not only increase your winning opportunities, but also reduce your risk, lose a lot of money. Before you decide for a game, you should always look in advance, whether there are certain offers and take them in any case. With us you will find various online bingo providers, where you can not only enjoy different variants of the game, but also exciting offers.