Data protection

This privacy policy consists of several sections. Each of these sections is important. Therefore, we recommend you to read everything carefully before you agree to the processing of your personal information.

1. Introduction
An online casino slot machine user ("du") can deal with other interested parties Online Casinos and TopCasino Replace, after game strategies, instructions and Tips Search and seek casino and bookmaker reviews, as well as receive information on bonus offers and other promotions ("Services"). You will learn more about our services on our website If you use our services, some of your information may be shared with us or third parties.

This privacy policy is important for you to understand how your personal data is collected, used, used, used, used, used, used, used, used, used or otherwise processed when using (""). Personal data is information about you, on the basis of which you can be identified or which enable the identification of your person. This privacy policy applies to the processing of your personal data on and not for data processing, which takes place on other services or websites, regardless of whether they are provided by the operator of or anyone else. The operator of ("we", "us", "our") is:

This privacy policy enters into force on 26 July 2018. It can be changed from time to time.
Significant changes are those that affect your rights, duties and status in terms of protection and processing of your personal information. Among other things, the main changes may include the introduction of new services, providing new technologies and processing your data for new purposes. If we make significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we will therefore send you notifications about our services or otherwise and give you the opportunity to check the changes before being effective. You will be asked to agree to the processing of your personal data according to the updated privacy policy. If you do not agree, you can not use your account and the services available for registered users.

In addition, we take minor changes from time to time at the privacy policy. Minor changes have no impact on your rights, obligations and status in relation to the protection of personal data. These types of changes can include organizational and grammatical changes to this Privacy Policy (but are not limited to this) to make our policy easier to make readable. The fact that you continue to use our services after we have published the updated privacy policy with only minor changes means that the processing of your personal data of the updated privacy policy is only subject to minor changes.
2. Data manager and data subject

By using, you can disclose various information, including those that apply as personal data. If your personal data is processed, you will be as a data subject and are entitled to perceive your rights guaranteed by the EU Data Protection Act and explained in this Privacy Policy. Taking into account the fact that we set the purposes and means of processing personal data on, we are legally applicable as a data manager for your personal data on this website. As a data manager, we have the opportunity to process your personal data, but are also obliged to protect them in accordance with the provisions of the EU Data Protection Act, in particular the Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO), and this Privacy Policy.

3. Data we process
We process (or process possibly) different types of data. Below you will find information about which types of data we process.

3.1. Identification data
Personally identifiable information (PII) - When you create your account with, we process your e-mail address, the username and the ID assigned by our system, as well as the URLs of your associated accounts for social networks .
Electronic identification data - If you log in to, we process the IP address of the device you used, the type and version of the browser used and the operating system as well as the time of login. If you log in to social networks, these "social tokens" generate - these are your authentication data we process whenever you log in through social networks.

3.2. Recordings
Pictures - You can upload your photo as a profile picture on or create an avatar with another photo.

3.3. Private habits and interests
Media use - Some of your interactions with our website require public use of information. For example, we process the information about how you interact with other users - who follows you and who you follow.
If you want, you can add information about your social network accounts, your personal interests in terms of gambling (eg favorite game, poker room, slot machine or bookmaker). After all, you can describe yourself by filling in your profile the section "About me".
Content from you - you can give other users General Tips Advice, send and receive direct messages and attend discussions in the forum by leaving comments.

4. Why and how we process data
We capture and process data about you when you log in and uses our services. We process your personal information to provide you with our services to improve your experience with our services, develop our service and secure and maintain the regular functioning of More about the purposes of processing your data can be found below.

4.1. Identification data
Personally identifiable information (PII) - Your personally identifiable information we process serve to distinguish yourself from other users. We use your e-mail address to communicate with you regarding changes to your account or service, as well as commercial communication, if you have approved it.
Electronic identification data - We process the IP address of the device you use to enable communication between your device and our server to determine your approximate geolocation that can be used for customizing our services (eg, Providing suitable contents in your preferred language and gambling content that are legal in your country) as well as for analysis purposes. Further information on processing your data for analysis purposes can be found in our Cookie Directive.
The processing of information about the browser used and operating system is necessary to ensure the regular provision of our services for you. Sometimes we also need this data to solve technical problems if some occur.
If you log in to a social network, tokens for social networks are generated and then used exclusively for authentication purposes.

4.2. Recordings
Pictures - We can save your profile photo so you can personalize your profile on our website.

4.3. Private habits and interests
Media use - We process information about your favorite game, poker room, slot machines, casino and bookmakers to offer you more personalized content on our website. In addition, we can use your personal interests to make the commercial communication that you get better.
Following / Followers - We count the users who follow you and users to follow and show these other users. This allows these easier interact and find other users with similar interests.

Content created by you - we facilitate the interaction between users by providing the option, sending and receiving direct messages. You can attend forum discussions to share your experiences about different topics in Igaming, to provide and read reviews of casinos and bookmakers around the globe, and to get information about bonuses and other promotions. You can also give general tips or gambling sites that may be of great value for other users.

In addition, we process various information about your personal interests to detect your personal preferences and create your profile that can be used for commercial communications purposes. For this purpose we use the ELOQUA marketing platform. More about this tool and the associated process can be found in our Cookie Directive. If you do not want automated decision-making, including profiling, please refer to the subsection "right in contradiction in processing your data and rights in connection with automated decision-making" in the section "Your Rights" in this Directive.

5. Our use of cookies
Each browser visiting our website receives cookies from us. We use Cookiesbecause we want to offer anyone who visits our website, the best possible experience.
By using cookies, we process standard Internet protocol information and details on behavioral patterns of visitors to our website. The use of cookies enables us to improve navigation on our website, analyze the behavior of visitors on our website, to advertise our products and to provide content from third parties. To learn more about our use of cookies, our Cookie Directive read.

6. How we protect your data
We do not collect personal information in excessive way. We only process data we really need and only for the agreed purposes. We strive to keep your data up to date and save them safely. We do not process your data longer than necessary for the purposes to which the data is processed.

We use technical and organizational measures that meet good industry practice to protect your information. Therefore, we meet appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information against unintentional or unlawful loss, change, theft, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access, unauthorized use and all other illegal forms of processing.

We apply different levels of access control to your data. The restriction of access control is based on business needs and security requirements. We ensure that only appropriately legitimate individuals have access to your data whose knowledge and can be necessary on data to fulfill their duties or in connection with the exercise of their activity.

7. Your rights

7.1. Right of access
You have the right to receive a confirmation of us whether you are processed by persons related to you, and, if this is the case, request access to personal data.

7.2. Right to repair
You have the right to ask us to delete incorrect personal data that affects you. Taking into account the purposes of data processing, you have the right to complete incomplete personal data.

7.3. Right to deletion (right to forgotten)
Under certain circumstances, you have the right to demand that we delete the information we have about you:
* If the data for the purposes to which you have been collected, are no longer needed,
* If you have withdrawn the consent and there is no other legal basis on which we can further edit you,
* If you have contradicted the processing and there are no compelling legitimate reasons for the continuation,
* If the data has been unlawfully processed or
* If the data must be deleted for compliance with a legal obligation.

7.4. Right to restrict the processing
In the following cases, you have the right to apply for the restriction of processing your personal data:
* If the correctness of the data is questioned, processing can be restricted for the period we need to check your correctness,
* If the processing is unlawful and you apply for a restriction instead of a deletion,
* If we no longer need the data for the purposes to which you were raised, but you need them in connection with a legal entitlement,
* If you have contradicted the processing of personal data that has been processed on the basis of our legitimate interests while checking whether our legitimate interests for processing your data take precedence over your rights and freedoms.

7.5. Right to object to the processing of your data and rights in connection with automated decision-making

You have the right to resist our processing of your data for reasons that relate to your special situation at any time the processing of your personal data, including profiling. We listen to your contradiction with the processing of your data, unless we can prove compelling reasons for the continuation of the processing, which violate the interests of your fundamental freedoms and rights, or if further processing for the justification, exercise or defense of legal matters necessary is.

You have the right to object to the processing of your data, including profiling, for direct marketing purposes. We use Eloqua for automated decision-making, including profiling, marketing purposes, and you can reject further data processing for this purpose under the following link. After your deregistration, your personal data will no longer be processed for direct marketing purposes. In terms of automated decisions about you, you may have the right to demand human intervention.

7.6. Right to data transferability
Under certain circumstances, you have the right to get your personal information you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (ie in digital form), and you have the right to transmit this data to one to demand others if such transmission is technically possible.

7.7. Right to revoke the consent
If the reason for processing your personal data is your consent, you can revoke your consent at any time without giving reasons, for free. To revoke the consent, you should delete your account on
The withdrawal of consent has no influence on the legality of processing due to the consent before its revocation. Please note that after the revocation of consent, we will not be able to process your data and consequently we can not offer you our services.

7.8. Right to submit a complaint
You also have the right to submit a complaint to your local data protection authority. The competent data protection authority in the EU Member States can be determined either by your habitual residence or the place where the alleged infringement has arisen.
Since we are located in the Netherlands, you can the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

7.9. How to perceive your rights
If you have questions or doubts regarding the processing of your personal information or if you want to take your rights explained above, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

8. How long we save your data
We save your data until you delete your account with If you delete your account, we delete your personal information. However, your comments and forum contributions remain archived, so other users do not lose the overview in a discussion on which you participated.

9. Who can still access your data
We can share your data with third parties. The third are categorized as follows:
* Members of the 301 Digital BV, includes - More information about members of the 301 digital can be found at [email protected] Please note that we determine the purpose and means of processing your data and decide which of your data processes by other members of the 301 digital become.
* Companies that support us in the regular deployment and further development of our services (e.g., analysis, maintenance, marketing, development). You may process your information as required for the execution of delegated tasks. Please note that only we determine the purpose and means of processing your data and decide which of your data for running delegated tasks.
* Authorities and law enforcement agencies, if necessary, and if we are legally obliged or entitled.
* Third, who is granted access to our API, which can show your username, your avatar, your reviews, your interests and your country

10. Transfer of your data into third countries
We can submit your personal information outside the European Economic Area to regularly provide our services and / or develop our services. We make all measures relating to the beneficems of your personal data to ensure adequate level of protection and implement adequate guarantees within the meaning of applicable data protection law and in particular the Data Protection Basic Regulation.

Your personal data can be sent to a recipient based in a country that, according to the European Commission, has an appropriate privacy level. Here you learn more about countries with reasonable level of protection.

If your data is transmitted to a receiver in the US, we strive to transfer your data to the manner specified by the privacy tag. Further information on the privacy tag mechanism can be found here.

We will conclude data protection agreements with the recipients of your data, which contain standard contract clauses, which are published by the European Commission and oblige the data recipient to ensure an appropriate level of protection and adequate guarantees within the meaning of the applicable data protection law, in particular the DSGVO in terms of processing of your Personal data to implement.