Online Blackjack

With our guide for Blackjack Can you increase your winning opportunities and minimize your losses. If you play Blackjack Online, you can make it comfortable from home or just on the go. Online casinos with blackjack are becoming increasingly popular, also the live casino with live blackjack and real dealers will find more and more followers. We explain everything you need to know about the game how the blackjack rules are & how you can make the most of this gambling.

Rules and gameplay

It does not matter if you are in Online Casino Or sits on a classic table, because the rules in this game are always the same. That's why we'll take a short time before we approached why you should opt for online blackjack.

This card game is a very classic game and at the same time one of the most popular. Your destination is to achieve 21 points by pulling different cards and assessing whether you will reach or exceed the value. In order for you to make profits rather than losses, there are some basic rules that you can familiarize yourself. Although Blackjack ultimately is always one Gambling, a little skill can help you to lose less money.

Basically, with 6 to 8 card stacks work. Has the dealer dealt out your cards, he gets an open card. You yourself then have different ways what you want to deal with your two cards: You can draw another card, stay stand or decide for Double & Double Down. The latter is only possible when pulling the third card. You can also share your cards, your two cards should have the same value. The dealer must also record more cards even more cards or sometimes no further record.

Who wins the online blackjack?

Based on this Casino games Finally, who manages to achieve a profit? Is the player out well for the dealer or are you winning? Do you win with a soft 17 or do you even exceed the 21? As soon as you have exceeded the value, you lose the game unfortunately. Otherwise, who has 21 points or closest to this value. Soft hands are always very exciting, because you have to decide if you want to accept additional cards or not. Here a blackjack strategy can be quite useful, because you can orient yourself to different probabilities that give you a good direction.

If you then are a happy winner, you will get twice the original insert back. Unfortunately, your cards have not exceeded the value of the Dealer's cards or have you come over 21, you lose the round and thus your commitment.

Why play online blackjack?

Blackjack always makes fun, no matter where you play. Online platforms, however, have been conquering the market for several years and we are convinced that online casinos will continue to evolve in the coming years. The reasons that speak for it Blackjack Online To play, are obvious: You do not have to leave your home to play the game. Just play on the sofa or thanks to mobile casinos also from anywhere. The great thing is that online casinos are equipped with countless games, so you can not only play blackjack but also other great casino games. If you also use a bonus and can increase your credit, you can even play for free with a little luck and then make real profits. In addition, the live playing a new era, which online casinos have done as realistic as never. There is then a LiveStream, which you can track the game. The dealers also act in real time and communicate with you.

Blackjack table

To increase your chances of blackjack, it's good to take a look at the Blackjack table. To be successful, players have to familiarize themselves familiar with basic blackjack strategies and accept blackjack tips.

Tip: Print this table and place it next to your laptop. (Usually it is not allowed to bring these, but luckily an online casino can not see you)

This leads to the following table. Statistically, this table lists the best blackjack decisions, the basic blackjack strategy. Playing online is therefore more advantageous than in a normal casino on the blackjack table. Learning a pretty big table like this is a quite task. Of course it's possible. This is about playing a lot!

H = Hit S = Stand D = Double SP = Split

Play blackjack online for free

Do you want to play the game for nothing, you have two options: Once you can play every casino game in the free variant. This is a wonderful opportunity to check a game on heart and kidneys. Visit a virtual blackjack table and make yourself familiar with the rules. Since you do not get your own risk, you will certainly save the nerves and can simply watch what happens. Unfortunately, profits are not in it, but you just do not lose hard-deserved money.

Another variant is to look for good bonus offers. A blackjack Bonus casino To find, should not be heavy. Many casinos want to attract new players with bonus offers for table and card games. Sometimes your deposit will be doubled, you can also receive free start credit for registration. What always you decide: if you play online blackjack and a New online casino You want to try, then definitely search for a platform where you can dust a blackjack bonus.

Where do I play blackjack online?

Almost every online casino that keeps something on himself will offer you blackjack. Sometimes you only find the classic variant, more and more often there is a live casino. Some well-known casinos where you can play the game are, for example Leoves, Invoice or 888 casino. The list is very long, accordingly you will have the agony of choice.

We recommend that you always inform yourself about a page before you register and may Degree money Deposit: Find out if the casino has a valid license and look at the game offer. Also on the Welcome bonus Should you throw a look in advance, to check if you make a good deal. If you are sure that you have to do it with a reputable provider whose playing portfolio and bonuses convince you, the fun can go directly. You can either play in the demo version, but no registration is necessary, or registering you and deposit money and claim a welcome bonus.

Blackjack strategy

How to play online

Blackjack is a very popular card game that plays millions of fans worldwide online.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the game is that it is so easy to play. So you can learn in just seven steps, how to play online:

Step 1: Place your bet

Make a bet from 1 € to all-in.

Step 2: Receive your cards

The dealer gives you two cards and shows one of his cards.

Step 3: Decide if you want to double your commitment

You can double your use at any time before you decide for "hit" or "stand" and choosing your bet when you get two cards with the same value.

Step 4: Think about whether you decide for "hit"

You have the opportunity to record more cards by choosing "Hit". However, you will lose automatically when your card value is exceeded.

Step 5: Click on "Stand"

Click on "Stand" when you're ready to play your hand.

Step 6: Look at the hand of the dealer

The deal covers his concealed blackjack card and always needs to take another card if it has 16 or less. He stops when he has 17 or more.

Step 7: Win or lose

You win if the total value of your card is higher than that of the dealer. You lose if you have a lower score than the dealer or if the total number of cards 21 exceeds.

What are the rules?

Playing online blackjack is an entertaining way to expel the time. At the same time you can develop strategic thinking and find out how you are under pressure.

To have the greatest fun while playing, you should know the rules of Blackjack. Without these you could make the wrong trains and lose games that you could have gained.

Below you will find the 14 most important rules you need to know if you play for free.

14 Important rules that take note of the online blackjack

  1. Your goal is to achieve a score of 21 or one higher than that of the dealer.
  2. If your score exceeds 21, you lose. This is called "Bust".
  3. If your score matches the dealer, your bet will be refunded. This is called "push".
  4. Bets are placed before you get your cards.
  5. You get two revealed cards from the dealer.
  6. The dealer starts with an uncovered and a hidden card.
  7. Ass is 1 or 11 value (depending on which value is the most beneficial).
  8. Ten, Bube, Queen and King are 10 worth 10.
  9. Two to nine have their nominal values.
  10. You choose "Hit" if you want to get more cards.
  11. You choose "Stand" if you are satisfied with your two cards.
  12. You can double your commitment if you want.
  13. You can share pairs and convert into two separate bets.
  14. The dealer must achieve at least 17 points - he gives up more cards if he has less.

So think of these 14 rules, if you are next time to play online blackjack!

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So you win at the free online blackjack

There is no guaranteed strategy to win. That's because it is a game that needs both skill and happiness. So you sometimes have to accept that you have bad cards.

Although you will never be sure that you will succeed, there are some strategies that allow you to improve your winning opportunities at the online blackjack.

Five tips that you can win

Tip 1: Learn the basic blackjack strategy

The basic strategy is a mathematical approach to blackjack, which shows you the best steps based on the cards you receive.

To get to know the processes, you should view blackjack tables. There you see when you want to choose Hit, Stand, or Give.

Tip 2: "Hit" if you hold 8 or less

If your cards do not encompass more than one value of 8, you should always choose "Hit".

Tip 3: Never share these couples

If you share couples, you have the opportunity to play two games at the same time against the dealer, which increases your chances for a winning hand.

However, there are some couples that you should not share because they do not offer you a big chance of winning. You should never share 4s, 5s or 10s.

Tip 4: Do not choose "Stand" at these numbers

If the Dealer's cards are 7 or more, you should not select "Stand" if your cards have a combined value of 12-16

Tip 5: Avoid insurance betting

Insurance beams seem to be a good idea. However, these do not shift the winning opportunities to your favor and are generally a waste of your game chips.

Now you know how you can win. You just have to put your knowledge into practice. Play now online blackjack game and find out how many games you can win!

How to count cards

Blackjack is synonymous with card count. Many films and television broadcasts were filmed about people who gain games through card counting, and many players have tried the strategy.

Cards count in four steps

Step 1: Give each card in the deck a value

To make the counting of cards as easy as possible, you divide the cards in the stack into three groups and assigns them to the following values:

  • 2-6: +1
  • 7-9: 0
  • 10-Ass: -1

Step 2: Counting Continuous with (Running Count)

Counting helps to determine the trains that you should run based on the cards you received.

Based on the values you have assigned to maps, you can find out if the value is rising or falling during the current count. If the number is positive and rises, the advantage is with you. When the number is decreased and negative, the value is at the dealer.

Step 3: Calculate the True Count

The True Count is used to help you count cards when more than one deck is in the game. You can find out by starting this simple calculation:

True Count = Running Count ÷ Number of remaining decks

Step 4: Change your bets when the True Count rises

Use the info you have from the values you have assigned to your cards, the Running Count and the True Count to find out the true number.

If the true number rises and sinks, change your bets accordingly - higher when climbing, lower when sinking.

How to divide cards

The process could not be easier if you play online blackjack. All you have to do is press the "Deal" button. Then the cards are automatically distributed.

Online blackjack for beginners

If you start with playing in the online casino, but still a freshling, then we want to go a few tips on the way: Learn simple blackjack's strategies that tell you when you should act like. Always keep your money in mind and doing meaningful bankroll management. So give no money that you can not lose.

Make up with different blackjack variants. Especially in online casinos, the offer can be very comprehensive. For example, there are also variations where there are sub-bets or other card decks. So if you're still going to learn the game, stick to the crazier tables away. Otherwise, the entertainment is nothing in the way. Blackjack should always be fun, the pressure must never be too big, can not lose. But if you always make yourself in mind that you can also lose strategy with the best blackjack and just enjoy the game, you're on the safe side and can enjoy your online blackjack adventure.