The Las Vegas of Asia: Less native Zocker in Macau

Who listens to Macau, not rarely think of gambling. In fact, the autonomous region in China is often referred to as paradise for fans of online poker, roulette, Blackjack, Single bandits and Co. But how are the inhabitants for this development? Surveys showed that many inhabitants are very enthusiastic about gambling offer. Accordingly, it is not necessarily locals that visit the casinos there.

Football betting instead of slot machine and dealer

Macau is full of casinos. At this point, one could follow that the population is completely crazy about the roulette wheel. In fact, the reality looks different, because only about 40% of the residents participate in gambling. This is not only a relatively low percentage, it also shows an extreme downtrend: a few years ago, around half of the residents visited every now and then one of the gaming casinos.

Surveys also show that football bets enjoy great popularity with the residents. Again, losses are noticeable, but basically the population seems to enjoy sports.

The Mark Six Lottery is also part of the culture MacAuss. Many residents take part in this lottery game, with a survey 2.003 residents were interviewed and 25% of them try their luck at the lottery.

World's leading sales

Why much of the inhabitants do not participate in gambling, the survey could not be clarified. Exciting are the numbers but in any case, they prove what big tourist streams attracts Macau. The region is considered the highest sales worldwide, which Gambling In terms of concern. Accordingly, a large part of the sales of the tourists must come into the matchcasinos each year in large volumes.

Questionable is also whether Online Casinos Could have an influence on the resident behavior: Currently the online gambling in Macau is still illegal. If the online casinos were legalized, more residents may opt for online entertainment. Currently, however, it rather shows that many inhabitants are not too satisfied with what happens in the region currently. Although the gambling is for tourism, and thus for the economy, of tremendous importance, but some residents still disturb the many casinos. Many inhabitants do not seem to have no interest in gambling.

The casino operators and the state should take care of that, after all, the business is still booming. So the casinos seem to pursue the goal, primarily to address the tourists - and that succeeds very well very well.

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