Smoking ban in Casinos Austria

In the Casinos Austria. Everything actually runs like the lacing. You are well visited and can look forward to decent pay. A little with concern you look into the future, because the impending smoking ban could provide great loss of sales. From other countries, one knows that sales losses of up to 30% are not uncommon. We once looked at how the situation is in Casinos Austria.

International experience confirms declining sales

Between 10 and 30% donations are not uncommon. The smoking ban reduces the feeling of coziness, the stays in the casino become shorter. Some one combines the smoke feeling with gambling. For example, one looks like Las Vegas, here may be smoked in most facilities without restriction. The casinos are an exception in the US, because otherwise the smoke laws are very strict there.

Nevertheless, decent revenue

Although the revenues are to be feared, the operators of Casinos Austria remain positive. This is probably because the revenues of casinos otherwise are perfect. In the first half of this year alone, it was possible to take about 2.1 billion euros. So what is there a small loss of sales? The operators see their casinos as a rare pearls, which are attributable to many gambling fans.

The operators also point out that it is likely to be more of a conwalgestion time. So you could lie properly, because earlier many people have complained about the smoking ban in many pubs, they have long since become accustomed to it today.

More and more people are even looking forward to the smoke-free air, although this would have been unthinkable in bars and pubs. Maybe it is really similar to the casinos: we have to get used to ourselves not to combine the thrill with a cigarette or cigar. After some time, but maybe nobody speaks more about it and just smoke at the door.

The Casinos Austria seems all in all so much worries to make their revenue. Although smoking belongs undoubtedly to the casino experience and is also very appreciated in connection with alcohol, but in the end, it is more of an accumulation question.

Again, there will also be players who appreciate the smoking ban and advocate the new law accordingly. It remains to be seen how the smoking ban is then recorded in reality in the long run. Currently, the operators of Casinos Austria seem to do everything right, which is why sales losses should be able to cope with.

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