The gambling & the fight of the sexes

Basically, gambling seems more likely to address the men, but also women always find their way in real casinos and Online slot machines.

Women like to experience the same thrill and enjoy the excitement. But what differences are there in terms of game behavior? We once looked at how women and men feel games and how different the kind of playing is statistically speaking.

So differently women and men play

Both sexes like to play in the casino, but do you like to play the same games? Here is a first important difference: mostly women prefer to decide for games in which they take less risk. Also gambling without strategic prior knowledge are preferably played by the female gender. Men, on the other hand, seem to be fans of the strategy.

Another difference is that the female players are more pleased to play against a dealer. Men, on the other hand, appreciate the game with real teammates, mostly men. The direct competition seems to be more likely to delight men.

Even in the application size, a difference can be found: women rather make smaller missions, men, however, are more of the high scooters and vary their assignments much more often.

Of course, there are only tendencies here, some exceptions are always available. Even women like to play and go here and there a risk. However, the statistics show that women rather play carefully and compete against the dealer while men are more risky and very much like the competition. The effect is the same: thrill and joy over a small or big profit.

How do women and men perceive losses?

Men and women show different emotions when they win or lose. At a loss, women are rather sad or nervous, while men often react aggressively. Again, it should be noted that it is only statistics and this behavior does not apply to all players.

Different seasons

It is usually the women who pursue their duties before they turn to gambling. Gambling addiction can of course meet both sexes, but statistically, however, it is still more men who expire to gambling.

Also interesting is that women often start playing later, so in an advanced age. At the same time, they like online bets because they can then play at a self-determined time. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to enjoy "real" poker games with friends or a casino visit, not rare even alone.

Both sexes love slots

And now a nice commonality at the end: Although men like to participate in table games and women are often targeted directly to the slot machine, both sexes have the same fun at the slots at the end. Especially when it comes to the fast game, the slot machines are a popular choice. Again, it shows: In the end, it's just the fast success and the thrill in between for both sexes and the thrill.

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