Australia plans face scans in online casinos

Everywhere in the world, more or less meticulously tried to regulate the gambling. A central point represents the review of the age. Also, the self-exclusion in gambling addiction is always a topic with which land-based casinos as well as online platforms deal.

Australia now thinks about a new way: In online casinos, a face check should be done before users log in to one page.

Protection of minors

Gambling is only allowed from the age of majority. Especially online it seems easy to handle this rule. Therefore, facial inspections should now be used online in Australia. The software should then recognize the faces and decide whether they are minor players. Even ID cards and driver's licenses are important here to check the identity.

The authorities also plan to use this software not only for online casinos. Other websites should also be denied minors in this way. Sides with pornographic content, for example, are precisely under these desired protection of minors, which is difficult to ensure in the same way as online casinos. It is still very easy to handle old age checks. Sometimes a click is sufficient by mouse, confirming that you are over 18 years old.

Better control in gambling addiction

Not only minors should be preserved before gambling, also gambling addicts should benefit the software: If you have locked yourself, whose face should be saved. If you try to log in or register again, the software denies access to the online gambling portal.

Also this point is to be welcomed, because here would be a casino-comprehensive software conceivable. So it would be much harder, in a new one online casino Apply after you have already locked yourself with another.

Is data protection guaranteed?

Although the idea sounds like a good thing at first glance, critics wonder: what about privacy? If a foreign software is used, strangers receive sensitive player data. It is noticed here that the system is not sophisticated enough.

With such a software, the supervision of the players is raised to a completely new level, which in turn refers to the entire Australian population.

All in all, Australia seems to be a good direction here. Especially online, it is important to regulate easy access to gambling. Face controls and identity statements appear accordingly useful, but also the subject of privacy is not to be denied.

Ultimately, a mature system hopes to hope that treats sensitive data confidentially and merely stores the information necessary for player protection.

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