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At the casino operators and the players, there are sometimes disagreements. Sometimes the disagreements are even borne until the court, because both players and casino operators sued each other part. We once looked at what the most exciting cases that have made it to court until now.

Charge against the Isle Casino Hotel

A supposedly happy slot player believed in her big profit. However, the casino operators informed her that they did not really win because there is a disturbance of the machine. The player was already proud 87 years old and saw an ad on their screen, which promised a profit of several million dollars.

In addition, the player had previously never tried at the machine for their luck, which made the matter even more incredible. The slot she had played, but could not actually pay out such high gains. It was the Miss Kitty Slot, and there is a maximum of $ 10,000 to win. The casino now examined the supposed profit and realized that she had not even won $ 2.

The player sued the casino afterwards, but unfortunately lost the case. The casino operators and the court argued that the slot was not programmed in such high gains - very too bad for the player!

Blackjack professional against resort international

The player Ken Uston is known for his blackjack career and exceptional strategy. He has already released books and his knowledge passed on to the general public. The casinos found his card counter strategy anything but legal, which is why the player was banished from all casinos. The blackjack player complained with success against the exclusion from the Casinos New Jerseys. Since he does not endanger the visitors, the ban was inadmissible, so the court.

Gamer sued Valve

In 2016, there was also an exciting case in the world of ESPORT: Some teens sued the manufacturer of the well-known game Counter Strike Global Offensive. The background: You have provided gambling on the platform. This is the Steam platform on which things were actually purchased and sold. Gambling is illegal. Even minors were allowed to play there, because the operators did not review age. Unfortunately, the young people had no success with their lawsuit and they had the case.

High scooter sued casinos in Las Vegas

Also this case went through the US: Sheila King had liked to play with small use. At some point she decided to become the high scooter. She had success, the happy woman quickly became the Slot machine To the millionairin. The casinos had joy at her and made sure they had access to their favorite slots. Technical works were also not carried out during their game.

Unfortunately, at some point, her lucky strap ended. She claimed the casinos were to blame. Unfortunately, the American had no success with this lawsuit and had to watch her profits slowly swand.

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