New upswing for lottery in China

At the weekend, China's government announced that the lottery should be brought back to the rolls. Concrete is about the Beijing Welfare Lottery and the Beijing Sports Lottery, who should start again. The Chinese are allowed to acquire lottery leaves again!

Despite the positive news, the government has immediately made clear that the resumption of the business was very strict editions. Overall, a break of three months has been inserted to make the virus the fight and slow down the spread. The entire economy was quiet. According to the government, it is important for the future that many security measures would be adhered to for future sales.

Contactless handover, temperature measurement and Co.

We already know these measures from other areas: Whoever enters a sales office in China, who must undergo a temperature measurement and wear a mask. The operators of the branches are also obliged to disinfect their premises regularly. Of course, a less transfer of the lottery tickets must take place.

Who does not belong to the specifications, the threaten punishment. Also, each seller is asked to record compliance with the rules in writing. In return, you also offered the sellers to ensure supporting payments. After all, the business was quiet for a long time, one expects at the beginning with smaller difficulties.

Overall, however, one hopes that people will soon enjoy the acquisition of tickets again soon. In front of the crisis, revenue with lottery loans were around 3.7 euros. In February of this year, however, one recorded directly a burglary of over 43%. Whoever has the change of change, which will certainly continue to acquire lottery lots.

A little hesitantly one will probably return to the branches, hopefully but quickly occurs normality. It is important in any case to comply with hygiene regulations. This is not just for lot sales, but for every business. Only with compliance with the regulations can a renewed outbreak can be prevented. For the economy, a second outbreak would be very fatal.

Online Lotto as an alternative

The resumption of business in China is a good step in the right direction. Also in Australia the shops suffer, the burglary of the sales are also burdened in this country many people. It remains to be hoped that the business can continue in Australia as usual. Of course, decisions depend on the number of infected decisions. Currently it is difficult to make predictions.

But if you do not want to do without gambling, you can rely more on online gambling. Lottery lots can be found online and can not only participate in Australian drawings. In many Online Casinos If international lotteries are offered, which continue to guarantee distributions. On our page you will find some platforms that offer lottery games.

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