Netent Published New Game: Perfect Blackjack

Netent Live has launched a brand new table game called Perfect Blackjack. With this new and innovative Blackjack Online Game will run actions for the player after a perfect strategy (AKA basic strategy). The game also has an integrated autoplay feature that can be used by the player over several rounds.

A perfect blackjack

In the live area of many casino If you already find all kinds of exciting blackjack online games. Netent is known for its outstanding software and supplies many online gamebanks with excellent hames. Now with Perfect Blackjack, another box office is added. We are sure blackjack fans will enjoy this card game.

The game has an impressive payout ratio of 99.66%. It can also be played in landscape format on the desktop, tablet and smartphone. The most common browsers and operating systems also support the Perfect Blackjack game as well as a modern game.

Player and table statistics are also available as with all others Live From Netent. Players have access to it at any time during the game.

This is how Perfect Blackjack works

Have we made you curious? Then we'll see each other again as the new game works: Netets Perfect Strategy Blackjack is a multiplayer blackjack game that is guided by a real live dealer and played with eight card covers.

The goal of this game is to compile a hand with a value of 21 (or as close as possible to this value) without going over it. So far, so normal. As usual, you have to hit the dealer's hand to win the bet without going busted - so you know it from the traditional blackjack.

Where is the distinction? Perfect Blackjack uses a strategy machine that can automatically play hands for you. The technique is thus making decisions in real time, based on your cards and according to the Perfect Strategy.

The decisions are based on predefined scenarios that take into account both the hand of the dealer and the player. To use acts that offer the player the best possible chances of winning.

Features bei Perfect Blackjack

The game is playable as a single table with sophisticated background, but online casinos also have the opportunity to provide their own environments. The Perfect Blackjack dealers are also highly qualified and entertaining. Thanks to the autoplay function, the game will then even easier.

The game can be reached by high-resolution video stream, where the quality adapts to your connection speed. There is also a player chat. Perfect Blackjack is also available in 23 different languages and the game has betting limits for low, medium and high budgets.

Have you come to the taste? With us you will find many online casinos offering Netent live games. We'll push your fingers crossed and hope that you will get the perfect strategy a nice win!

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