Quarantine bingo in times of crisis: funny, but also dangerous

Currently one hears again and again by quarantine bingo, which takes place in Denmark. These are either events or so-called drive-in events, where players can participate with a plenty of distance. This makes it clear how much joy people, and not only in Denmark, on the bingo. The game is popular around the world, not least due to the simple style of play.

At first glance, the events that are organized in Denmark sound very entertaining, but they are actually illegal: the chance of gambling views from Denmark now warns increasingly to caution. Thus, people point out that any gambling games are illegal unless there is a license. Of course, this also applies to all quarantine bingos, which are now very spontaneously organized.

Authority behaves overall

Although the authorities clearly make the Danish citizens that they are illegal games, they are generously generous. One or the other game seems to be overlooked, especially if it's not about the organizer's own profit. At bingo games for social purposes, an eye is likely to be drawn, although here is an official permission.

Commercial events, on the other hand, will continue to be prevented, provided that the operators have no luck license license. That then refers to events that flows real money. Of course, minors should not join. You also point to the risk of fraud, especially online, you always push on offers that are easy to be true.

Better safe than sorry

Although bingo represents a great job opportunity and people from all over the world inspires, should be careful with any game. Not only authorities, but also comparison pages like ours are not tired of calling people to caution: you should never play on unlicent pages when you follow online casino Search. Check who is behind the side - and if you have a bad feeling, then let it be.

Of course, there are many serious platforms on which you can try your luck. Did you now feel like Bingo? Currently, it is important to use online offers. At bingo with larger crowds we have to do without it.

We have many great providers for you on our site, where you can sign up and even start with a welcome bonus. So you also get a bit thrill with you in the quarantine time. But Attention: Again, you should only set as much as you can handle too. Bingo can make you a big winner quickly, but losses are also possible at any time. We wish you a lot of fun and push your fingers crossed that you will enter the online bingo one or the other win!

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