Casino supervisory authority now planned in Japan

The Government of Japan works in full swing: A supervisory authority for casinos should now be active there. Only last Friday was announced that already 2022 a regulatory authority should be formed.

That some preparation measures are to be made is obvious. Also in Japan, the supervisory authority is to be subject to strict criteria, so casinos are bound to many restrictions. This procedure already makes other countries like Malta already, because the casinos licensed there must also meet many strict guidelines to get the license.

Control and gaming addiction prevention

The casino licenses usually have two central tasks. The planned supervisory authority in Japan is also to follow this model: on the one hand, it is important to keep an eye on any activities of the casino operators. In addition, safety factors and player protection play an important role. Casinos must be safe for visitors, which also calls the topic of gambling addiction prevention to the agenda. According to, for example, minor players must be protected.

Currently it is also about real casino resorts in Japan, but not Online Casinos. For this purpose, it is currently checked whether there are enough large premises available. Important is also the future casino operators that the casinos find themselves in large cities so they are easily accessible to tourists.

Japanese population speaks more against casinos

The citizens of Japan see the opening of the casino resorts with mixed feelings. A large part rejects the casinos even completely. The citizens who are not against the resorts per se, but at least wish that there will be none in their own city.

It is also interesting that not only the population is critical. Experts from the financial sector are also insecure whether the future casino operators and the government are not a bit out of the target. Casinos cost a lot of money, especially in the planned size is to be assumed by several billion dollars. Of course, the hope is that the investment will pay off. The gambling boomes everywhere in the world, and people with a thick wallet will certainly find their way to Japan.

Japan as an example of the boom on the gambling market

Japan is again another country trying to jump on the gambling train. Undoubtedly land-based casinos with special flair equally great popularity as the online casinos accessible from anywhere. With the planned casino resorts, the land-based casino should once again show: here players can feel good and in the most beautiful ambience put their money on the table.

If the player protection and strict guidelines are complied with, this project does not speak about this project. It remains to be seen how the realization will ultimately look in 2022. Also in the opinion of the citizens may be curious, this has queried critically to the casino resorts in Japan.

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