According to a youth magazine a cool thing

In Australia, the "girl" magazine caused excitement in the past week. There you challenge the young girls to visit online casinos. Even a suitable provider has been directly co-inflicted in the online article. The Message of the magazine: Who plays games, increases its attractiveness as a girl.

Rituals should help when winning

The magazine tried to collapse a good article about the online casino link. Therefore, the minor readers pointed out that gambling games made perfect with happiness rituals. Also sports bets are worth a try.

The fact that the article is difficult at different levels will quickly clear: Gambling is forbidden minors in Australia. Open in a magazine, which focuses on minor reader, to throw for gambling, is not only morally questionable.

The second criticism can be found in the Schleich advertising: Not infrequently, articles are camouflaged, the same as "Naturally" in the text as possible. But here is more than clear that it is advertising for one online casino acts, which must be of course marked. Many providers do not want to find a promotional reference reference in articles. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the magazine operator to publish only properly marked articles.

Online casinos are frequent advertising partners

According to another research, other articles were found in the magazine, where online casinos is advertised. For example, there is an article about the love in which is spoken between the choice between money and love - with reference to the gambling.

So far, the editors of the magazine has not been expressed to the incidents. Especially the promotion for gambling at minors seems to be a trouble. That the articles are not marked as advertising, completes the problem.

No novelty on the Internet

Sleich advertising is no longer a rarity. From influencers to Instagram to blogs and online magazines - everywhere can be found. Sometimes it hails warnings and high criminals, but sometimes nothing seems to happen.

The background of these items with references to online casinos serves on the one hand for direct advertising, but for the casino operators but also in terms of linkbuilding an important topic: Who wants to be found at Google needs good backlinks. This auxiliary is now all good online casinos and try to accommodate their pages in different magazines or blogs that have a good ranking. The "girl" magazine is a good example of this, can enjoy a variety of clicks daily and is well rated by Google.

So if you are ultimately the blame, remains to be clarified: are it the casino operators or alone the magazines that publish such advertising without labeling? Desirable here would be an improvement from both sides, so that articles may be identified at least as advertising. The fact is that gambling advertising for minors is not in order, which is why the criticism of the editorial office is absolutely appropriate.

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