MGA manifests itself to the threat of Brexit

The Brexit has long been the speech, but keeping the view, which is always heavier. If Britain leaked from the European Union, but it also has its consequences for the gambling industry. With a no-deal-Brexit there is no clarifying agreement, but now or so it is already saying about the further way of gambling companies in the UK. The Malta Gaming Authority has now come to Brexit.

Company from Great Britain lose your license

The Malta Gaming Authority awards its licenses to gambling companies that are resident within the European Union. If Great Britain leaves these, the licenses will be invalid. This concerns certainly many companies, because the gambling business is also booming in the UK.

The Malta Gaming Authority now proposes to share the licenses of subsidiaries or associated companies within the EU. So the gambling remains legally and can be regulated.

License change twelve months possible

The Maltese authority is already concerned with the concrete implementation of the license change for companies outside the EU. The MGA wants to grant the companies from the UK in this course a deadline for twelve months. Accordingly, the corporations then have time for a year to transfer their licenses to subsidiaries registered in the EU.

These regulations apply solely for Malta. Accordingly, MGA speakers recommend to the company in the United Kingdom, the best sooner than later on solution possibilities. But who is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, who can continue to bring his deals to the man after successful transmission as usual. This includes all the usual certificates and payment methods, so that it does not change much for the corporations. A well a good solution.

Gambling also possible in the UK

The exact Brexit regulations remain a puzzle in many ways. In principle, Great Britain is lost in the exit from the EU but the freedom to provide services in this case, which is why large gambling companies should quickly endeavor to alternative solutions. However, as the Malta Gaming Authority is now active and it seems to support Great Britain, the continuation of gambling within the EU is probably nothing in the way.

This also shows what a meaning of Great Britain in the world of gambling. Many important and great names have their head office there, MGA also has to cooperate with the companies. Fortunately, thanks to the override of the licenses, it will not change anything for the player, so that as usual in most Online Casino Can be played, it should soon come to Brexit.

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