Which online casino bonus is there?

    Operator of gaming pages are very creative in most cases. Especially one casino I want to lure you with lucrative bonuses. These can be linked, for example, to certain games, include an online casino bonus or include free spins. Basically, you will find these different types of bonuses offered:

    Casino Bonus: In the end not for nothing?

    A Bonus casino May actually be free, but a deposit is required for a bonus. And no matter what bonuses you use? You always have to comply with the conditions to benefit from the casino bonuses.

    Which bonus is the best?

    Online casino bonus: Which do you decide, of course, of course depends on your preferences. If you like playing at slot machines, then free spins offers will certainly be very promised. Often they are good free spells for New casinos. Classic like Gonzos Quest of NetEnt are always at the top when assigning free games.

    No Deposit Bonus Can be a good idea because you can always test the offer of the casino. This also works in game mode without real money, but with free credit you have the opportunity to take a real profit home later. Since no deposit is necessary, it does not matter even if you only lose - because you only lose bonigeld, but not yours Degree money.

    Deposit bonus is not without reason one of the most popular bonuses. 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 600% to 1000%. You can really do good deals here, because your deposit is often increased many times over. Whatever you decide for: Do not log in to a bonus, which has no good deals for you, because every modern platform should provide you a nice extra.

    Just register only on one platform, which is also serious, so for example, has a valid license, has a privacy policy and offers a customer service, which you can achieve in case of doubt. Then nothing stands in the way of your fun and you can online Bonus casino Use for your success.

    Casino Boni Deposit bonus Welcome bonus Free spells
    Betiton 100% €500 150
    CookiCasino. 100% €100 120
    morder 125% €500 110
    Fasten 100% €200 -
    Casinoin 100% €200 60
    Megpari 100% €300 100
    syndicate 125% €1000 200
    Casinomia. 100% €500 300
    Paruosh 100% €200 25
    Megaslot 100% €100 100
    Bongo 120% €200 -

    Welcome bonus - from 100% to 1000%

    A Welcome bonus In 2021, each is assigned once to the new customers of a casino. Mostly, it consists of a monetary amount credited on the customer account as soon as the first deposit has occurred. Partly also includes free spins, which may only be redeemed in certain games.

    Deposit bonus (100%, 200%, 300%, 400%)

    Online casino bonus is a Deposit bonusyou will find very common. As a rule, it will be awarded in%, and it can be 200%, 300%, 400% or 600%, sometimes even more. Basically, if you have about a 100% bonus, then you get an additional amount credited. For the deposit bonus: There is nothing given.

    Each bonus is attached to sales conditions and often has a temporal limit, so that you have to have implemented it within 30 days x times. A common number is 35 times, but please refer to customer service on the side of the provider or ask. Similar to the welcome bonus, a certain percentage is also granted to a deposit as bonuses.

    The deposit bonus can be a welcome bonus, for example, but can also be offered the existing customers as Reload Bonuses. This is often practiced for special occasions such as public holidays.

    • Higher missions thanks to deposit bonus
    • Combination offers from free spots & deposit bonus
    • Good deals for beginners and experienced players

    Choose online bonuses with the best payout rate

    The higher the payout rate, the better the chances of winning. Anyone looking for the term best payout rate, which will find us with us. It is important that the house advantage for the online casino fails as low as possible. This is the case with some table and card games. At slot machines, at least 96% of profits should also go to the player. Often it is even over 98%.

    We have compiled all casinos with the best payout quota. Some platforms actually advertise their excellent payout rates. So be sure that you encounter many providers with us, which will pay you the majority of your profits. Because whoever does not want the best winning opportunities?

    Free game loan

    For slot machines you can often Free spells take advantage of. These can be assigned with or without deposit. Sometimes you need a bonus code, more detailed information you will usually find on the page of the respective operator. If you get free spells for a slot, you can turn for free for every game, so every round, but dust real profits.

    Often, the purchased bonus money must then be implemented x times before you can pay it off. Although you have a little less flexibility with free spins than with other casino bonuses, many players prefer this offer. Free games are just fun. Slot machines are also true classics in online casinos, they are never guaranteed to come out of fashion. Accordingly, there will always be offers for free games for you.

    Free games without deposit

    Even before the welcome bonus, players can benefit from free plays in some online casinos that can be used without having to pay anywhere. These free spins are usually limited to a certain game.

    Live Casino Bonus

    The best bonus offer Do you receive if you, for example, a bonus for the Live-Casino can use. Many platforms try to drive the activities in the live area in this way. Since this distinguishes the regular games, there are often special offers that are only aligned with the casino.

    Are CSIVIAN PainBut with a deposit, is also lucrative. Either way, the promo offers you a great way to test the offer risk-free. Should you be unsure if your bonus is for Games is allowed in the live casino, you can always ask at customer service. It may also be that you can play with the bonus in the live casino, but you have to implement gains with other casino. So it is always advisable to ask either an employee or even the live dealer itself.

    No Deposit Bonus

    This type of bonus is rarely rare, as most casinos are now also expecting a return if they have one No Deposit Bonus forgive. In this case, however, you would have written an amount credited without having to pay a deposit.

    Casino bonus codes

    If you are looking for a bonus code? Sometimes you can do without the entry of a code (e.g., with a bonus without deposit). The question of all questions: Do you need a bonus code or will your bonus be credited automatically? In any case, online casinos keep such some surprises ready for you, which is why a look at current bonus codes is worthwhile. We keep you up to date on our portal about everything around Codes, so you do not escape action.

    If a code is required, you must enter it in the cash register area. Your code will consist of numbers or letters. Sometimes you can use a bonus code for your welcome bonus, in other cases it will be important later for special actions. Since the code is entered in the cash register area, it is usually linked to a deposit. If you want, you can also use multiple bonus codes.

    Because now almost every online casino awards lush deposit bonus. As soon as your bonus has been credited, you have to meet the terms of sales. So you can do from your real money. We recommend that you already see the participation conditions of an action before using a code. So you know which promo could be worthwhile for you. Also we inform you in our reviews about the most important bonus conditions of the individual platforms.

    Online Casino bonus conditions

    We have already addressed it several times: every offer has betting requirements you need to comply. Whether an offer is really good, beginners often can not judge properly. So you do not think that you benefit from a great offer, which in the end is not so great, you should always inform yourself both as a new player and experienced users exactly about the conditions associated with an online bonus.

    • Every promo has rules
    • Bonus amount must be implemented x times
    • Games always have a different value
    • Bonuses can not be paid simply
    • No payout during the bonus phase

    Each bonus has rules. The more difficult the conditions are visible, the more suspicious you should become. If you are unsure, you can customer service, this should give you information about the bonuses. Besides, do not blend directly from high buzz: If you see a promo with very high sums, then you can also assume that the conditions will be strict. But that does not mean that the bonus is bad, you just have to make sure you do not make any mistakes.

    It happens pretty often that a player loses its entire bonus balance and thus all profits that result. This may be because a payment was requested too early or the bonus has not been used within the valid period of time. Of course, you should definitely avoid that, because only if you know the rules, you will really be from the Best online casinos can benefit.

    Frequently asked questions about the Casino Bonus

    A Bonus casino is an offer that provides you with a casino. The conditions can be strict - or only require a registration. Usual Casino Bonuses are deposit bonuses, free games or no deposit bonuses (free start credit). A bonus can be used by you, but you can simply be expired. It usually goes with a welcome bonus with which casinos want to lure you on your side.

    That depends on the offer. For free start credits, Initial balance If only one registration is required, but no deposit. Also free spells are also awarded for registration in one new casino. Basically, it is quite possible to get a bonus for free. The only thing you expect from you is the registration on the page.

    A distinction is made on the one hand between the bonus with deposit and without deposit. In addition, it should be noted for which games your bonus applies: For example, free spins are only available for slot machines. Bonus credit or cashback can be determined for very different games. Everything is here from slot machines to Play live casino possible.

    Almost all casinos where you have to register, attract you with a welcome bonus. Then you can reward you either with one Bonus without deposit Or equal to a huge welcome pack. At the latter then your first deposit will be increased (sometimes even the first three or four deposits) and maybe there are even free spins. On many pages there are also bonuses just in between, to holidays or when a new game is released on the page.

    Yes, it really works. Basically, it's just about a reward that would like to thank the casino for your registration or loyalty. It is important that you see all the bonus conditions so you know what to consider when using.

    That will explain to you exactly the casino of your choice. For example, you sometimes get your reward directly for registration or logging in. Alternatively, a deposit must be made in which perhaps a bonus code must be entered. In the conditions of participation you will find all the important information.

    Clear! Although it is customary in the casinos that only one bonus offer can be used. So all conditions (about the terms of sales) must be met until you can request a new offer. But it does not speak, however, to register yourself in various online casinos and to collect several welcome bonuses.

    This reveals the view of the conditions of participation or bonus rules. If there are sales conditions, they must first be fulfilled. It may be, for example, that you have to implement your free play gains until the payment will be possible. Even bonus credit must be implemented x times until it becomes real money.

    Naturally! You are not obliged to use a welcome bonus or other bonuses. Who wants, can always get started directly with real money. Basically, the use of an action but of course does not speak, because you have no disadvantages of it. On the contrary: You can gain longer with bonus credit or free games and may even generate a small real money amount in the end.

    The games run with bonus credit or free plays as well as mit from. You should note how you should use sales conditions and the maximum amount that may be set for your bonus. The payout ratio, volatility and thus the general chance of winning are the same. So it does not matter if you go with a bonus or real money.