Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses at online casinos have become increasingly popular in recent years. For this reason, many casinos have exchanged the welcome bonus against this type of bonus. Although a welcome bonus for new players appears very attractive, the cashback bonus has seen great benefits for a long time. With the help of the cashback bonus, players can get a small percentage of their losses from the casino. This percentage is a bit different from every online game hall. Since as a player with this bonus has a small protection against losses, you can earn a bonus, even if you do not always win. Whether high-scooter or casual - everyone knows that you do not always win online casinos. However, one should know that not every cashback bonus is the same. Therefore, it is important to look closely at the bonus conditions with every online casino. Continue reading to learn more about the cashback bonuses.

    What is a casino cashback bonus?

    As the name suggests it, there is the cashback bonuses Degree money from the casino back. This sounds good at first. But it is important to see the details closer. Nonetheless, a cashback bonus is a great opportunity for the player to come back something from his money. The percentage for this cashback is different and is usually between 10 and 20%. Many casinos not only offer these bonuses for normal video slots, but also for Live Casino Spiele and sports betting. Basically, there are two different types, as the casinos calculate these bonuses. Either this bonus is determined with the net losses over a certain period of time or is relative to the losses of a certain deposit. Even if it is not always a lot of money, the player can use it to continue playing. So read on to learn more about which cashback bonuses best match them.

    Which Cashback bonuses are there?

    Even if cashback bonuses still relatively new Online Casinos are the idea is not novelty. There are similar variants, for example, as airmeides, loyalty cards or in Anderen Bonus Programs.. As with other cashback programs, the exact conditions are different at each casino. Normally, however, the bonus is a percentage of the total amount that the player has set and lost. For some casinos, this percentage is even 20%. However, many online casinos have a limit, for example a maximum of 200 euros, which will be returned to the player as a cashback bonus. This is not extremely high, but allows the player to continue. If the player then also reflects this amount, there is no further bonus, as there are these usually only on paid sums. Furthermore, the percentage of cashback may also be dependent on the amount paid. The more you deposit, the higher the percentage.

    Bonus bedding

    As already mentioned, each online casino has different conditions for its cashback bonuses. Therefore, it is important to read out the terms exactly before crashing into the game. One thing is for sure: you have to lose to secure the cashback bonus. In most casinos, this is the only betting requirement that you have to fulfill. For most cashback bonuses, there is a certain upper limit. This means that even if you have greater a greater sum, and also has a high percentage for cashback, you usually receive no more than 100 or 200 euros. For safety you do not have to worry, as the respective licensors, of course, check whether all bonuses are paid correctly. But it is also very important that players first check the casino and ensure that there is actually a valid license.

    Interesting Cashback Bonus Casinos:

    1. Crazyfox
    2. Mrbet..
    3. Dunder
    4. Luck
    5. energy casino
    6. karamba
    7. mr green
    8. mr play
    9. Vera and John
    10. 888 casino
    11. Betsson
    12. lapalingo
    13. unibet
    14. Wondernome
    15. Compare all reliable online casino With each other and choose a secure casino online.

    How do you find the best cashback bonuses?

    Many casinos Offer the cashback bonuses. But with each casino these are always different. Therefore, it is important to look exactly to find the best bonus for yourself. You have to know what conditions you have to look for. For example, many casinos offer weekly cashback bonuses. That sounds very good already - but the question of course remains whether this is worthwhile for the player. If this applies per deposit, it is only worthwhile for players who also have a lot of gambling and therefore have weekly losses and make regular deposits. For most high scooters, weekly cashback bonuses of up to 3,000 euros are, as you can see and again, a very good deal. However, if one really occasionally plays and does not often make deposits, this bonus does not make that much sense. These players should be better Deposit bonus Keeping an eye out.

    Best online casinos for cashback

    Since the cashback bonuses are currently very popular, online casinos often oversee each other. Of course that's very good for the players. To lose the overview, we have some here interesting casinos Listed with your cashback bonuses. Some of the best ones are among other things Mount Casino, Nomini, Wazamba, Light or Play Zee. The largest cashback is available at Wazamba, Light and Zet. These three players offer a weekly bonus of 15% on the losses suffered - up to 3,000 euros cashback. High scooters should really see these casinos closer. Campeon even has an offer of 1,000 euros per day at a percentage of 10%. Nomini is a good option for players who do not play as often. Here is a cashback bonus of up to 200 euros on all types of games with a percentage of 10%.


    We find the cashback bonuses a very good development, as there is no disadvantage for the players. On the contrary - the players are the winners here, even if you have to lose to get to this bonus. Cashback bonuses offer the player a small but fine security. Even if you are tired, not everything is lost and you can continue playing. These bonuses are especially a big advantage for high scooters, as casinos often offer weekly or even daily cashback. Although these occasional bonuses are not extremely attractive, as these players do not often make deposits, they still have the choice between the cashback bonuses or the Welcome bonus. Since every casino has another offer, you can choose, which is also best to match your own game. We can only recommend a cashback and wish all players a lot of fun!