Study in the Netherlands covers: too many minor players

The Dutch gaming authority Kanspelautoriteit (KSA) announced that more would have to be done to check the age of gambling participants. This concerns mainly rubbellosis, slot machines, lottery games and Sportwetten. But also Online Bingo is a topic that one must take in the Netherlands.

In one study, it was proved that around 11% of minors last year Gambling have participated. Particularly interesting seemed to have been slot machines and rubbellosis. Also, some sports betting had completed 16 to 17-year-old, which is also against the law.

Also exciting: The study participants were mostly agree that they are not on Play Hindered. Only 1% had had problems to gamble at slot machines. The scrapbles were only 5%.

Controls must be tightened

In the course of the discussion, it fell on that there are much adults who buy approximately scrapbles for minors. In the slot machines you often do not seem to look too close. Especially in restaurants or pubs, it is probably a lightweight to gamble at the machine. In battens, however, it is a bit harder, but also here are minors often access to the games.

What is the situation in Australia?

Of course, the gambling is also allowed in Australia only from the age of majority. But with us, however, one hears again and again of cases where minors could participate in games without problems. It's also easy for us to be easy if you stay in restaurants or bars, in gambling halls are stricter.

Although the same laws apply online, but those who want to play lucky games, also finds a way here. online casino Request identity certificates, but who, for example, who has older siblings that provide their account can still play without problems. The danger is and remains that minors are already animated in early years to play and lose the distance to luck.

Anyone who has no respect for the games already at a young age, who slips into gambling addictions, so the theory. If you are already familiar with the matter, it is easy to access gambling again and again, for example, if the income should be helped.

Fun and security

Gambling should be fun, but the player protection is a just as important topic. The example of the Netherlands and the non-bouncing discussion in Australia is repeatedly clear that the current developments are ensured for easier access to gambling (in the online industry) and promise more variety, but all this also carries many dangers. Also in Australia there are minor players who can easily create access to gambling. This is never very prevented, but: Enlightenment must be operated to warn even more in front of the dangers. In gambling outside the online business is also more important to maintain age limits. This is aimed at both bar and restaurant owners as well as on providers of sports betting and scrapbles.

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