CasinoBeats Malta Digital supported women in the Igaming Industry

CasinoBeats Malta Digital 2022 has been reoriented this year and nevertheless managed to gather some of the industry's most successful experts in order to discuss important topics. Much turned to the current events and technological innovations. But next to another discussion came to the forefront: A "Women in Gaming Panel" was planned to make women more visible in the industry.

Women in Igaming Panel

The "Women in Igaming Panel" of CasinoBeats Malta Digital gathered some of the most successful ladies in the industry. These languages about their positions and experiences. There were also solutions that women should benefit all over the world.

The participants included Dijana Radunovic, which is the Account Manager at Askgamblers. She said that CasinoBeats had a great opportunity to exchange and discuss various topics.

Men dominate the industry - but women are pulling!

Radunovic realized in the course of the discussion that at the Igaming industry, always first of all the area dominated by men think. But it is convinced that changing. Women could undoubtedly take higher positions and again proved this again.

When it comes to women in leadership positions, one does not come around the subject of maternity. Also from the work-life balance is always talk again. But in the course of the current events, however, it falls on: There must be changes. Already through the work from home, one experienced a double burden that must be made. That that for women is a reality for a long time, some men should have noticed, the family and work had to take home under a hat and still need.

Women support themselves and face the challenge

A speaker said, the women do not add to the same boat, but they would have to say in the same storm. A strong metaphor: women have to face different challenges in the industry and have different perspectives, and yet the problems resemble.

The consequence: women are together, support themselves and are role models for each other. More and more women claim themselves in the industry, whether as players, executives or important wire drawers. Women can inspire each other and learn from each other. You can be mother, girlfriend, partner and so much more - in combination with a responsible job position.

As so often, it is the structural conditions that make it difficult for women to assert themselves and, if necessary, to unite the family and career.

Nevertheless, developments have been very pleasing in recent years. Especially countries like Malta are known in the field of Igaming industry to offer good promotion opportunities - for both women and men. In many ways, a good example of what is possible when the framework conditions are correct.

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