Sigma wants to award free stands to promising startups

Sigma has made great news this week: free stands should be awarded to startups. Newcomers who want to bring their products among people should have such a lighter start. Overall, the speech is spoken of 100 stalls. The companies that are allowed to present their offers will be handpicked. They are also part of the startup village initiative, which for seventh time in the course of the iGaming-Festivals becomes active.

Interested parties must prove their skills

Sigma is now preparing for applications. Tech and igaming startups are paused to score points in the coming time. Who creates it to get a stand, has good future prospects. The event will probably gather more than 10,000 guests. These include a lot of investors and other high animals from the Igaming industry.

At the Sigma Pitch competition, companies and startups may then prove their skills. Here only can convince who has forward-looking ideas and can present well. The challenges of newcomers grow, because the industry continues to develop. But that also brings a great potential, because who secures a stand, that should open such a few doors. Only 100 participants will actually get the chance on a sand. The stalls are subdivided according to various products and categories.

The perfect opportunity for new companies

The initiative is specifically directed to new companies. The awareness can rise in this way in seconds, the participants will attend a great attention. So you certainly have to be no age bunny to convince the jury. Neuties are also welcome. Everything it needs is a good idea - and the ability to bring the idea well over and present convincingly.

It can be assumed that among the participants will be some entrepreneurs who are still in their infancy with their ideas and products. Companies that already have investors and some prominence are meant less with this promotion. Great for startup romantics, which dream of sudden breakthrough.

Expert jury and additional prize pool

The jury consists of experienced experts who are well acquainted in the industry. In addition to the stalls, a lucky winner also expects another great extra: the speech is from a prize pool, which is considered a perfect starter package. These include free office space, marketing and PR services and trainings to increase the chances of success.

Then you wonder if there is not a hook. In fact, it does not exist, because the initiative only wants one: promote young talents and offer the best possible chances of success. The Igaming industry is still booming, which is why the experts will definitely invest in the right area here. We too are curious for whom you will decide in the end. Everyone has the same opportunities, each participant can be almost overnight to the successful entrepreneur. A great project that reflects the idea of innovation of the gambling industry!

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