New consulting platform PlayChange is finally live

The new online platform PlayChange should help people with gambling problems. The principle is simple: relatives as those affected should get there online support. And the most important thing: the whole works anonymous. Here is the most important to the new consulting platform at a glance.

Search experts know: often affected affected much too late help

The state place of gambling in Bavaria has made it possible to provide faster and efficient support with the new point for addicts. The search expert and managing director Konrad Landgraf said in a press release that this site is mainly due to affected areas, which are a lot of online and participate in online gambling.

It is to be observed that around 70,000 sufferers were recorded in Bavaria alone. The dark figure is probably even significantly higher, because spacious or endangered are often waiting for much too long until you are looking for help. The reason: shame. Of course, ignorance and repression also play a role. The developers of the platform was therefore important that they can be unrecognized and searched for anonymous help.

Registration is anonymous

Privacy is of central importance in such pubic problems. The affected and relatives can the professional staff of Playchange by chat, mail or telephone. In this way, the person concerned is taken an important hurdle, because they do not have to consult any advice center. The step into a conventional counseling center is difficult and prevents many people from asking for help in good time, which is known to be able to draw serious problems.

On the platform was worked for over a year

From the idea to the publication of the site passed about a year. The developers are satisfied with the modern look and easy handling. Also, as far as general security and data protection is concerned, Playchange is up-to-date.

First instructions can be found for those affected and relatives in the FAQ area. There can also be checked if there is a gambling addiction or hazard. If required, with the employees can also be accommodated immediately. Of course, the platform is usable both on the laptop and with the mobile phone, so that help is always possible and everywhere possible.

Corona has additionally fired the online gambling

Playchange comes exactly at the right time. Although Gambling Great fun and are a pure pastime for many players, the dangers are not to be underestimated. Right now, where many people have more time or even have to bang their existences, the click is online casino made quickly.

We are fans of the initiative and also attentive to the dangers of gambling addiction on our side. A platform like Playchange was long overdue. Never was it as easy as today to access online gambling. Although players also set limits on the gaming pages or can exclude themselves from the platforms, PlayChange is a meaningful addition to the existing aid offers. So everyone affected can now be faster, and above all anonymous, question his game behavior and, if necessary, take support.

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