Greentube plant start in Australian

GreenTube maybe you know from "Stargames". But the company had disappeared from the market in recent years. But now a new beginning is planned. Because currently the games are only available with playing money. In the future, however, it should be as usual be drawn with real money allowed to. For this Greentube wants to acquire a Australian license.

Stargames wants to conquer the market again - but with great!

It surprised many players that stargames suddenly disappeared from the screen. Because the provider was always popular with players from Australia and a welcome page. But the company itself assumed that the exit was not so suddenly. It should be started directly with new license from Australia. But as we know now, some time passed up until you finally agreed on Australian licenses.

That wants Greentube Now use for themselves. But if the provider goes to the start with a new license, then stricter guidelines apply. This means for players more security - and for GreenTube the opportunity to offer the gambling nationwide with real money. The new regulations for player protection include all major measures that we can watch for other gaming sites: one will remember, for example, how long you have already played. And give you your profits and losses again and again. In terms of the missions, it should also be given more precisely. This has the consequence that you in dem Online Casino Only two euros per round may be rated. Furthermore, no longer may be deposited at will. As soon as you have deposited 1,000 euros in a month, there is an automatic stop.

The comeback of GreenTube seems promising

So all the guidelines are not without - but nothing new, because many online casinos are already considering the new specifications. Some games Disappear completely from the platforms, with others, inserts are limited. You can still have fun on the pages, and therefore the anticipation of the comeback of Greentube is great. Of course, the operators themselves are very curious how the restart will work. In any case, one seems to be happy to act legal and licensed throughout Australia. Because in the past, the online casinos did not easily. Again and again, a gray zone was the speech in which MGA casinos were like Stargames.

This has decided GreenTube for a performance-out way. The company is certainly not the only one who applies to a Australian approval. Of course we have absolutely nothing against the measures for youth and player protection. Therefore, we also wait with tension on what Stargames will help us in the future.

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