Blacklist for online gaming platforms

Switzerland sets new names to the list

The Swiss Federal Banking Committee as well as Switzerland's Lottery and Competition Commission have added further websites to their blacklist. There, unlicent igaming operators, which are now considered to be illegal provider in Switzerland. For the first time, the Blacklist was on the subject in September of last year, now the blacklist is updated regularly. Who illegal Gambling Offers, lands on the list.

Another 33 domains are written to the list

Now the ESBK has added 33 new websites. The lottery and betting commission has been able to supplement your list of another 12 providers. There are some well-known addresses and New online casinos based in Curacao.

Since the list has been updated regularly since the introduction, there were other additions in recent months. For example, in January there were another 145 addresses on the list, which is quite considerable.

In general, it sees anything but rosy for the gambling business in Switzerland: while licensed online casinos can continue to offer their services, the local casinos have been pretty difficult in recent months. The doors had to stay closed, which brought enormous dockings with them. No wonder so that many players and providers prefer to focus on the online business.

Eyes on the choice of gambling provider

Although sometimes sees the decision of the Swiss Authority as very strict, they also progress with good example. The market is regulated and the licenses taken exactly below the microscope. In Australia, it is not too strictly strict, licenses from Curacao are considered, for example, as it is still in the gray zone. The casinos may therefore be easily offered their services in the Federal Republic. But even with us some innovations are planned, it remains exciting. What will happen next year, what changes go hand in hand with the planned Australian licenses?

It is clear that Europe is slowly but safe. Many countries strive for their own licenses to regulate the market and generate natural tax revenues. From the Swiss blacklist you like to keep what you want, but all in all, it is very positive that not every provider in the EU is free to switch and wit.

You too as a player are always in demand: Choose your online gambling provider with consideration. Look at honest reviews (also the user) and checked the license of the Online Casinos. On pages like ours you get comprehensive insights into the choice of choice and the represented developers. We also provide information on customer service and payments to guarantee that players decide for one side that is safe and make fun. But this never replaces his own critical look, with which every Casinofan should deposit his money on a gambling side.

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