Street Fighter 2 als NetEnt Slot

Do you like Netent and appreciates the quality? Are you also a nostalgic and gets involved in arcade games? Then Netent now has exactly the right treat for you, in parat: if you also played Street Fighter 2, you will surely enjoy a lot of fun with the same name! Because yes, you have heard correctly: You can in one of the many casinos (We too have many of them on offer) playing this great retro slot!

Let's go with Round 1: Fight!

If you know the game from earlier, no introduction is needed. Who does not know this game yet (maybe because you are too young), you can understand why so a great hype was made for this game and why the new Netent Slot is a success.

Street Fighter II was brought to life with this slot machine and simply looks great. You should not miss your chance of gambling a few laps!

The Slot Street Fighter II: World Warrior was presented for the first time this year, so he is a freshman in the industry. People were surprised at the same time as pleased with this announcement. After all, what we could see so far, the creative team of Netent is determined to remain true to the original. This also includes the pixeled graphics that act old bakes, but the nostalgic really will love.

You decide how you want to fight

All your former favorite figures are back again. They bring eight features with what makes the slot so interesting. The beautiful at the Slot machine is that you can choose with which character you play. So you really stay the original as faithful as it works!

The mechanics of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot will certainly also inspire sophisticated players, because the game run is complex. We are sure that this game can beat you out of the socks.

Every time you are done with a fight, the bonus round is triggered. You can choose between eight fighters, including Ken, Ryi and Honda. All characters have a different payout rate, this is between 96.02% and 96.08%.

Every character is unique. All of them are also tied to different Wilds. Sometimes you need 1 to 5 wilds in a row, you can also have 5 wilds on the same roller and so on. Also, there is a bonus round that can be activated after a lost fight. Multipliers are also available.

We too are sure that this slot machine is amazing. The original will meet the game. If you know this game from earlier or at the latest your interest is awakened, try a fighter at this slot. Find many casinos that have Street Fighter II: The World Warrior on offer.

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