Online casinos The winner of the crisis

Las Vegas and the Corona Virus: What happens to the gambling capital?

The American city is considered the point of for gambling fans. Las Vegas stands in the sign of the gamblings: slot machines, chic casinos, expensive hotels. Everything is colorful and flashes, the activity is unique in the world. But even before the capital of the gambling, the virus does not stop. We once looked at how it currently looks like in Las Vegas.

Weekly Lockdown met the industry hard

The city has already had to go through such a few heights and depths. Meanwhile, one has developed a reputation as a city with not to be stopped optimism. But during a few months ago, billions of amounts to the city were filled, you had to close the casinos for weeks. Suddenly the dazzling desert oasis of a ghost town. Every day where hotels and casinos remained closed, the operators lost great sums of money. But Corona and gambling, just unable to agree. Too big the crowd, too difficult to comply with the new hygiene standards.

Nevertheless, all in all you stay positive. Meanwhile, some hotels and casinos have reopened. But with traveling to the city, it is still very problematic. There are no major events anymore. For everything the city is important, the stop button was pressed. There are hardly any tourists.

Online Vegas Casinos

Online gamebanks as winner of the gambling crisis

Surely you will also try to keep the infectious numbers low. When we can travel safely to America again, nobody knows. A chance for Online Casinos? In fact, more and more players have turned to the online gambling in recent months. This development can be observed both in the US and Europe. So it seems that online casinos would emerge as a clear winner from the crisis.

At the same time, Corona has triggered another wave of change in Las Vegas: How will it continue? When and why will people want to travel back to the city? Is the traditional gambling dead, the artificial city has long left behind his peak? Las Vegas is considered a place of sin looking for its kind. The speech is more and more often of a new kind of entertainment, where you need to orient yourself. The focus is on high-priced food, luxury and shopping in the future. Alcohol and good parties are of course belonging to it. Surely the Gambling Continue to belong, but the industry is in constant change. The crisis does the rest and brings the success concept to waver. As it continues with the gambling industry, no one can say exactly. It is clear: Online Casino operators have a good stand and show in an impressive way what is now possible online so everything is possible.

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