Oktoberfest canceled: a blow for Bayern's gambling business

The Oktoberfest is an annual highlight for many Munich & tourists from all over the world to which the celebration of celebration. Millions of visitors come to Munich to experience the unique atmosphere of the Wiesn. Accordingly, the revenues that the hosts & also occupy the city itself are also high.

Now Söder announced that we had to do without the Wiesn this year. He also has a great deal of interest in it, he says to let the Oktoberfest take place. However, this is not responsible for the current situation. So the margins remain closed this year.

Bavaria's economy suffers from the decision

While visitors especially fun, alcohol and exuberant celebration connect to the Oktoberfest, the economy is about big profits. The Oktoberfest is of great importance for Bavaria and an economic factor that is actually indispensable. Take as an example of the past years: Wiesn have sometimes an economic value of over a billion euros.

The revenues do not only refer to the masses of beer, which flow on the Oktoberfest. Generally, the city and tourism must benefit from the many visitors. Alone the many hotel nights booked in the period, bring more than 500 million euros annually. The transport, food and leisure activities also play a role for visitors.

Accordingly, the decision makes the Oktoberfest fail this year, including the Bavaria Game Banks. The many visitors traveling to the city for two weeks are also increasingly controlling gaming and game banks. The operators of the gambling halls also benefit from the many tourists who puzzle the business properly.

Gamebanks take advantage of the visitor stream

The gamebanks are aware of the many visitors and the importance of the Oktoberfest. Gladly, in the course of time, it is attracted with free entry, if one appears as a visitor in tracht or dirndl. Also free drinks will be pleased, which contributes to the exuberant mood.

This year, however, these revenue will have to be left. Many economic sectors are difficult to affect the current crisis and the location of the casino shows again, which has the decisions of politics for far-reaching consequences.

Of course, the common good comes first. To cancel the Oktoberfest, was undoubtedly a real and important decision. For the operators of the game banks but she means a setback after the next.

In addition, gambling halls have to stay close. It is unclear when we can expect an opening. That now it is clear that the current minus business can not be balanced with high revenue during the Oktoberfest, the operators should hit hard.

Gambling fans remain only the Online-Casinoswhere comfortable can be drawn from home. Unfortunately, we will continue to renounce many other things this year.

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