Discussion about the gambling authority

Discussion about the gambling authority: seat in Saxony-Anhalt planned

For years one speaks about the new regulation of the Gambling State Treaty. With the increasing popularity of Online Casinos kept the question of a Australian authority. For a long time, nothing happened, in the coming year, a new game supervision should finally be put on the legs. The seat should be in Saxony-Anhalt. We summarize what we know so far.

Prime Minister decided on the seat of the gambling authority

In Berlin, the Prime Minister at a conference finally met new decisions that continue to drive the plan to the new gaming authority: the seat is now to be in Saxony-Anhalt. The task of the new authority will be, especially with the online Gambling too busy. That's exactly what you wanted to take care of, there was never own lucky licenses from the Federal Republic next to Schleswig-Holstein.

Although the basic framework is, much is still completely unclear. It is certain that the authority is also playing around the classic online casino poker and Sportwetten will take care. However, the new Gambling Treaty must now be appreciated by the individual federal states parliaments to obtain validity.

Meanwhile, it is also known that one plans to set 110 workers. It is unclear, however, where the new workforce will come from where the exact tasks will be. Where exactly the seat in Saxony-Anhalt will be, has not yet been clarified final.

How should the gambling authority be financed?

Not only in terms of premises and employees, there are many unexplained questions. Since the new contract should come into force from July 2022, the competent is not much time to put a concrete concept on the legs. It is important to the question of financing at this point. The new game supervision must eventually be put on the legs, which means that there is currently no revenue.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that the bosses of the individual countries agreed on a financing model, which takes into account the number of residents and the tax revenue of the federal states. A good approach, but who finally finances the construction, no one seems to know that. It would be conceivable that Saxony-Anhalt is in advance for the construction of the authority. This in turn carries risks, which is why direct redistribution to the different countries is possible.

Player protection needs to be improved

In one point, one is in the whole discussion in agreement: Gambling addiction prevention must gain a higher priority in Australia. For some ministers, therefore, it is clear that the new contract can only be agreed if real improvements marked. It remains exciting which measures Saxony-Anhalt and all involved companies become so that the new State Treaty Contract fulfills exactly these requirements. Also in the online casino industry you are watching with tension, which innovations will expect us next year.

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