Chatbots: ROTBART IT introduces

Who knows it: we play late in the evening, maybe even night owls. Then a problem occurs, we want to ask a question. The customer service? Closed. For many players is the frustrating. Even the casino operators themselves know about this problem and search for solutions. One could now provide the company ROTART IT, because the Swiss developer has developed a new software: Chatbot.

How should the chatbot work?

If you set a standard question, the chatbot should know an answer to it. The company behind the idea is known that there is to be about 1,500 different questions for online casino users, on which the offered one answer. Here are also Ki elements required, because the following trap learns the software and can develop steadily.

It is important to the company that in case of doubt, an employee can step in when problems occur. But there are various standard questions that many players are facing. This shows examinations. For example, when registering process or bonus offers, questions often arise, which were well received by standard procedures.

What advantages would the chatbot would have?

You can theoretically get a quick response at any time, also in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. The waiting time is also gone, after all, the machine can deliver a response directly.

Overall, customer satisfaction could increase significantly. Although real employees are also employed, the bot can then support and provide answers where a standard response delivers all important information.

For the casino operators, the chatbot has in online casino Also advantages: In the long run, workplaces could be saved, because the tonsis can, as in so many areas, also replace human work here.

Are there any disadvantages?

Currently, the software can provide a good answer to simple questions. An example: You could ask how high the Welcome bonus fails in the casino. The bot is then able to understand and process words like "welcome bonus" or "high". The standardized answer comes promptly.

But: What about more complex questions? Especially questions about the technology can not answer the chatbot so easily. He probably can not explain to you, why your game constantly crashes if it is not at the bad internet connection.

Also in terms of player protection, a personal would be desirable, instead of just a standard response from a robot. This shows that the chatbot still has some weaknesses. In the customer service area, artificial intelligence has been playing an important role for some time and is forward-looking.

We are therefore sure that chatbots and a sophisticated software are also important in the area of live chats in online casinos. So it remains exciting and we will see how Rotbart IT will move in the future. Presumably, the chatbot is simply a good complement to the work of the "real" staff and help to answer simple questions quickly and reliably.

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