Best Poker Players

Have you ever wondered who belongs to the Best Poker Players? Because there are actually a few names that have made it in poker ranking to the top. The high stakes poker players know how to keep a cool head and could already decide some jackpots. We introduce you to some international as well as national players and players.

Best Poker Players: These players have the nose

Among the best male poker players worldwide are great names like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth or Eric Seidel. For women, players like Kathy love to name Jennifer Harman or Annette Obrestad.

Daniel Negreanu comes from Canada and has over 40 tournament victories. His highest profits included proud $ 8.3 million. It is appreciated by his funny way, who made it with his poker tricks to the top. Also female players, such as Jennifer Harman, have often talked about themselves in the past. The player is known, for example, for their high stakes poker games, where they played with limits of up to $ 6,000. She has been able to find since 2010 in the "Women in Poker Hall of Fame".

Poker tricks of well-known players and players

Poker has changed over time. More and more players and players have professionalized themselves. In order to belong to the best poker players, today it requires more than just reading a beginner book. Of course, players have to master the basics to, for example, when online poker to win. But even trends have to be recognized. This includes, among other things, know which poker variant is currently on the internet on the most profitable. Well-known players have repeatedly changed their strategy in the past to clear large jackpots in new characters. You can find many exciting interviews from professionals on the internet.

To become a professional player, so that is not as easy as it used to. But even in Australia there are still a few players to the top. In this context, you should know names like Fedor Wood, Christoph Vogelsang and Rainer Kempe. In the Australian-speaking area, you definitely belong to the best poker players, of which you can learn a lot.

Poker List: With us you will find many poker pages

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