5 myths about online casinos

What is it?

You can find online all sordinarily handproof theories Online Casinos. It circle stories of manipulated slot machines, impressive profit for profits and myths to Jackpot Slots. We once looked more closely at some myths and tell you what's on these ominous theories.

1. Online Casino Games can be manipulated

In local gaming halls you hear again and again from the manipulation of slot machines. In the past, this may have worked here and there, and also recently you heard again from the successful male pulley at vending machines. In online casinos, however, you have no way to manipulate the games. The software is always one step ahead.

But do not annoy yourself, after all, it also benefits you: playing an honest game means that you also have fair odds. This applies to licensed online casinos, pages without license you should never see.

2. The bigger the jackpot, the closer the payout

We have already presented many jackpot machines on our side, where profits were distributed in millions. Some a player believes that the payout is particularly likely, the higher the jackpot. In reality, that is not true, because a jackpot can be cracked sooner or later. This also prove the different sums, the players with known jackpot slots like mega moolah or Hall of Gods have dusted.

3. Do you have a bad luck, soon follows a lucky strap

This myth is found not only in online casinos, but also in local gaming halls. Of course, this thought also makes the charm of gambling. But: slot machines and others Online Casinospiele Based on random number generators or are guided by a professional live dealer. The results are therefore always completely random. Whether you win, the happiness decides. That means in conversion but also that a big profit can follow another big profit - no one knows what will happen next!

4. In the end, the house always wins

In the long run, it is true that an online casino wins. Otherwise, it would be impossible to entertain a great gambling platform. The payout quotas are at top but well over 95%, so much of the profits is paid out. There is always individual players who win big sums. All in all, you always have the chance to win against the casino.

5. With the right strategy you win at the slot machines

While you give the probabilities in games like Blackjack In view, slots can be completely random and there is no strategy that guarantees you a profit. It makes sense but still to have a budget strategy to risk unnecessary losses. Everything else decides the random number generator for you.

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