Synot Games is a team of over 100 experts and gaming enthusiasts, which has more than 29 years experience in the game industry and creates consistently original slots with remarkable optics and maximum playability. The games always provide the highest quality and are available on multiple platforms and in different languages to delight international players. Among the most famous games of this developer team are among others, Amazon's Wonders, Monkey Slots and Rich Pirates. Overall, the developer team has brought over 60 games available in 21 countries. All games are developed with state-of-the-art HTML5 technology and are optimized for the best resolution on all devices. This studio is part of the Synot Group, which operates with its international and prestigious corporate structure in various industries. However, the focus is on the game development.

The story of Synot

Although the slots are the most important part of the company, the Synot Group has spread since its founding on other industries, such as tourism and real estate. Synot was founded in 1991 by Iva Valenta. The company has headquartered in Bratislava, but is active in over 20 other countries. But not only the international presence makes the studio an important company in the industry. Furthermore, Synot not only develops slots for Online Casinosbut also for real casinos. However, the quality of the slots has not suffered. The developer team was able to steadily increase and promote constantly innovative novelties. Thanks to the big and global team, Synot at the moment makes a new game on the market at the moment. Of course, the studio is also certified in different countries and can also all games Offer international.

The game offer

The studio offers players a wide selection of games. These include not only popular fruit slots and adventure games, but also Classic roulette and other card games. These are still very popular with many players. As is often the case with large studios, Synot also brings out constant novelties and also tries to respond to the wishes of the players and international slot trends. One of the most popular slots is Wild Circus 256. As the name of the game it already reveals, there are fabulous 256 paylines here. The slot speaks many players as they can win 500 times his mission and the game has only a medium volatility. Other slots that we like very much are Reel Sheriff, Harlequin Dice or also Mysterious Atlantis, which has an incredibly high jackpot. Players can win the 1,873 times the use here.

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SYNOT Casinos

The synter's games enjoy great approval and are therefore available in many online casinos. However, you have to say that not many of the big casinos have the synot's games on their websites. That means, but not that you have to search for the games for a long time. Synot slots can be used, among others Leo Vegas, Premier Gaming,, Netbet... or even at Tipsport. Synot's game portfolio is growing steadily. And for that reason, we are sure that the number of online casinos that offer synot slots will continue to rise in the future. Since the popularity of slots is growing further in players, it seems unlikely that the Synot offer would not soon change for larger casinos. We look forward to hearing more positive news from Synot soon.

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Safety and licenses

Safety is always in the first place for many players - and the SYNOT developer team is no different. Although most online casinos are regulated and secure today, it is still important to carry out a careful examination. Synot's software is always tested exactly by Gaming Laboratories International, one of the world's leading examiners for casino games before publication. The quality seal of this company means that each random number generator used is really random and can not be manipulated in any way. In addition, Synot is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. This game supervision is a big name in the world of Online gambling And therefore stands for great security. Players can sit back and enjoy the games. In addition, the games are also certified in different countries, such as in Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Romania.


Overall, our impression of synot games is very positive. The Developer Studio has a great game offer from adventure slots to roulette games. All games are also developed with state-of-the-art technology and are therefore qualitatively very well and visually appealing. The developer team also made sure that the slots work on each device and load quickly. For this reason, players with a slightly slower internet connection can also fully enjoy the high quality of the games. Even if not many of the big online casinos have recorded the slots of Synot, we are sure that this will change soon. As long as the quality of slots remains high and continues to have a high demand for players, the casinos will have no choice. We recommend each player who has never tested a Synot Slot, just try this. Have lots of fun with it!