Games in casinos serve overall entertainment, whether online or on site. Throughout the operator, there are many. The company Luckystreak offers high-quality live casino solutions for online gaming, including mobile devices, and on-site casinos. Unique and unforgettable the games should be there. LuckyStreak is a leading developer of live casino products worldwide. If you are a fan of vending machines and games of any kind, you certainly know the one or the other game of this provider. Here are all the important information about the developer summarized. Which games and offers are there? And what makes Luckystreak so unique?

The story of Luckystreak

LuckyStreak was founded in 2014 and has headquartered in Israel. There also consider the management team. The actual live casino studio in turn is in Latvia. The company is relatively young, but surprisingly fast. The team works to gain new third-party games to the portfolio. If a specific game or a special provider is to be added, it is also taken care of. Luckystreak not only creates games, but continues to develop it. According to the corporate values ​​of LuckyStreak is always the experience of the players in focus: entertainment is in the first place: For each product and every service, the provider creates the most entertaining and appealing experience. Furthermore, the unique needs of the customer are important. Accordingly, flexibility is only one of the core competences of the provider. Luckystreak always searches for innovation of the gaming market and ways to build and maintain a good relationship with the customer. High-quality content and attention to detail belong to Luckystreak!

The game offer

LuckyStreak is known mainly for live casino products. High resolution and availability are also important components at Luckystreak, especially with the Numerous live games. The platform automatically detects all device restrictions and adjusts the video stream individually to guarantee the best experience to all players. The platform of Luckystreak is based on the latest technology. Consequently, this runs on an enormously adaptable infrastructure. And with it creates an optimal experience for the customer. No matter how and where. Furthermore, the studio is provided with the latest video and sound equipment. And that in turn means for the customer: It provides stunning videos and sound. Quality is highly written here. Authenticity also: Live table games like Blackjack, Baccarat and roulette Enter the customers in a "real" world of casinos. Players also feel remotely the unique atmosphere of the casinos, whether they are professional, newcomers or occasional gamers. But what does this overall concept mean for you? LuckyStreak relies on personalization and gradually creates habit grinding, which favor the player's tie. The pleasure of the customer is the top priority. That's why the offer also includes older classics! In addition to the typical games like blackjack or Slots are also Rubbelchard, bingo or other table games part of the portfolio. So certainly there is something about your taste!

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LuckyStreak Casinos

Casino Games include various types of blackjack, roulette or baccarat as well as live dealer games. The goal of Luckystreak is clear: to conquer the casino world skillfully. Innovation, style, variety and customer satisfaction have a high priority. Real-time data improve the presentation possibilities of the players, as well as the last results and history. Seating places to reserve blackjack tables is possible online. The chat is customizable and can be shared with all players at the table. And most recently there is the evaluation function that can be evaluated with moderators. The games of LuckyStreak can be found among other things at Slottyway Casino or Statocasino. For casino operators, Luckystreak offers some solutions to manage your own business or a professional and varied Online-Casino To open up - from management software to the entire online environment. The platform constantly adds new offers. For entertainment is taken care of. And when and wherever you want!

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Licenses and safety

With an online casino with licenses you can assume to play with a good provider. Especially sure! And that's exactly how this is the online gaming one of the most important factors. Thus, authorities control the providers of games and operators of casinos and strengthen trust that players can accommodate them. And at Luckystreak? The Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission and the Danish Games Commission licenses the developer's games. So gambling fans can make sure that their money is transferred in a safe way. The so-called "cash out" is always possible. The money of the players is kept on an extra-created account. Safety is guaranteed!


The mission of LuckyStreak is obvious: to conquer the heart of the customer with quality, variety, innovation and style. In his nearly eight-year corporate history, the company has proved Luckystrea that it Gambling With all its facets loves and always interested in the further development. With live games and online offers for players and casino operators alike, LuckyStreak is also broadly situated. Surely you have already encountered one or the other game of Luckystreak. If not yet: Do not worry! You can still discover the best games of the provider. Try the best for your luck!