Responsible gambling in online casinos

What exactly means responsible gambling and how do I know if a problem with playing? Is there also ways to check my game behavior? We support responsibly gambling. Therefore, you will learn everything important about the gambling addiction, youth protection & self tests. Also, a few useful advice and tips we have collected for you so you always have fun in gambling.

Gambling addiction: What do you recognize problematic game behavior?

At gambling may only participate, who is at least 18 years old. So it wants the youth protection law. But this measure alone is not enough to preserve players from dangerous game behavior.

When gambling addiction, it is important to recognize as quickly as possible what's going on. This affects both relatives and the player. The following behavior can also indicate a problematic game behavior:

  • Players are constantly looking for ways to attend gambling.
  • To get money to play, you try everything. Theft or fraud are not uncommon.
  • One appears too late to appointments or can not explain why one was absent.
  • The profession, studying or school are neglected.
  • There are mood fluctuations. From depressed to excited or even aggressive everything is possible.
  • Overall, more and more money is often issued for the games, and the playing time is extended.

So there are quite different characteristics and signs. Basically, scoring everything revolves around the next round of play - and thus become a striking whims and a great need for money. Anyone who recognizes early that he or she has a problem (or noticed conspicuous behavior in acquaintances and family), can break the vicious circle better.

How can gaming be prevented?

Who does not want to take a risk that does not participate in casino games or sports betting. But that's no MUST, because especially in online casinos there are opportunities to watch their own game behavior.

And that's exactly what we advise you: keep your game and budget always in view. Take part in self-tests if you are unsure if your game behavior is okay. Also introduce limits you can not exceed. In this way, you can have fun with the games - but stay in your financial framework and do not have to be afraid of gambling.

But if you are already restless when reading this text, it is certainly time to question your behavior. Gambling should be a nice pastime and give pleasure, but do not put pressure under pressure.

Youth Protection: These possibilities have parents

Online Casinos Pay only to players who are over 18. For this a proof of identity must be brought. But what can parents do to make minors not at all on the gaming pages? It makes sense, for example, a child protection software. This allows certain pages to be specifically locked.

Also important is to clarify young people over the dangers at a young age. When parents notice suspicious behavior, fast action is asked.

What is the responsibility of responsible gambling?

In English, one speaks of "Responsible Gaming", with us this is the responsive gambling. This is accompanied by a uniform code, according to which wagering providers and gaming pages are addressed. This includes some standards to guarantee the security of the players.

This includes that players can not only move on protected sites, but can also be active themselves: Put personal time and money to control your missions. Especially international casinos with EU licenses offer a lot of scope, which concerns your missions and the playing time. It makes sense to make a few settings that fit your ways.

Tips for responsible gambling

For player protection not only the casinos are in demand, but also you. You should question your behavior again and again. Stay critical and hold the following principles:

  • Set only money you can also spend.
  • Casino games stand for entertainment. Losses also belong to entertainment, which is why you should accept them.
  • If you are emotionally charged, you should prefer to watch gambling.
  • You should never lend you money to continue playing.
  • The gambling should never be about relationships or the profession / commitments.
  • Imagine limits you can not exceed.
  • Immediately find help and remove yourself from gambling pages when you rode your behavior as problematic.

Thus, online casinos offer important tools, with the help of which you can keep control. But you too must always be honest with you and should ensure that Gambling serve the entertainment alone. It is also not a good idea to assume that you can earn your living with gaming.

One exception is poker professionals, but there are only a few. Generating your income with slot machines is also anything but advisable.

How to get playful help

Spendors and gambling pleasures can draw various organizations and websites. Also relatives are stopped to become active when they notice problematic game behavior. Most counseling centers can be achieved at any time. In addition, various info sites and self-tests are available at any time.

  • GamCare: This Great Britain organization is very well known and deals with the topic gambling addiction. Also relatives can get help there.
  • Gambling addiction therapy: The Australian-speaking version where you can also find help. You can persons, carry out self-tests or inform yourself extensively on the subject of responsible gambling.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: If you are looking for an anonymous self-help group, this website is a good choice. Also, many information can be found there.
  • Game-with-responsibility: For people with a gambling problem & for relatives of players there is help.

Self-test on gambling addiction

On pages like check your game or gambling addiction therapy, there are extensive self-tests. There you can fill out a questionnaire and question your game behavior. Some of the questions you should ask for, for example:

  • Do you have to play longer and longer to get a kick?
  • Are you constantly thinking of gambling or are you constantly busy?
  • Do you feel irritated or aggressive, if you can not play?
  • Have you ever neglected your social s to play?
  • Are you trying to escape and worry about playing reality?
  • Did you get the overview of your finances?
  • Are you trying to reverse losses and put more than you should?

It is sufficient if you can answer only one question with a "yes". Because that already indicates a problematic game behavior. Of course, not every emotional outbreak that you are gambling and never to participate in the games - but a tendency is probably watching.

It is all the more important, then it is to tighten a budget and to insert regular breaks. After all, a little thrill is part of the adventure, excessive emotional outbreaks (above all regular) but indicate a problem.

What companies online casinos to protect their players?

In online casinos only Zocken, who is of age. This can be checked by uploading players to upload personal documents to show themselves. Only then will winnings be paid. A first important step, so to keep minors away from gambling.

In addition, in the future, you can expect strict Australian licenses, which system significantly lower than EU casinos. But also on pages licensed in Malta or Curacao, there are protective measures: There is no uniform lock file or use limits, but individual tools. This allows you to set how much you are setting and playing. Also over your losses you will stay up to date with the ever-visible gameplay.

Nevertheless, it is clear that online casinos can be gambling addiction. Although most of the gambling fans do to go to the matter with pleasure, there are always exceptions. Hopefully you know that you are asked for yourself: keep your behavior, your finances and your emotions in view.

If you also notice that eye-catching game behavior is observed in your circle of acquaintances, you have to be active. The sooner the gambling addiction is recognized, the better.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Responsible Gambling

Could not we still clarify all questions about responsive gambling? Or did you skip the article and scroll directly to the end? The most important thing we summarize you again soon.

What is the responsibly play?
Responsible gambling depends on two pages: you and the online casino. You have the task of watching your behavior and emotions. On the other hand, you have to offer online casinos the opportunity to keep your finances in view and lock themselves from the side if necessary.

How do I know that I am playful?
Information can provide a self-test. From this you will find online numerous, for example on the side gambling addiction therapy. Challenge, whether you feel aggressive or irritated. Whether you put more money than you should. Or if you are constantly trying to reverse your losses. If you can answer many of the self-test questions with "yes", caution is required - or even a direct completion of participation in gambling.

Where can I get help when I am gambling?
Look at pages like Gamcare, Gambling Therapy or Gamblers Anonymous. On the pages you will find many useful information and persons. Gambling addiction is nothing, for which one must be ashamed. It is important only that you recognize your problem and trades accordingly. This also applies to relatives of giving addicts.